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Feeding forms an important part of poultry rearing. At every major stage of chicken growth there are different feed that a farmer is required to feed his or her fowls.

Just like humans, birds require different types of feed at different stages of growth to ensure they live healthily.

Feed that is to be given to day old chicks differs from that given to matured birds.

In this post, we are going to give you the type of poultry feeds in Nigeria and any other relevant information.

This information will be useful if you have just started a poultry farm in Nigeria or are planning to start a poultry farm in Ghana

Types of Poultry Feed

Poultry rearing is not only restricted to chicken. Other sectors of poultry farming included cockerels, guinea fowl, quails rearing and many more.

Types of feed for chicken

  • Broiler starter
  • Broiler finisher
  • Grower feed
  • Layers feed

Broiler Starter

As the name suggests, broiler starter is the feed you give day old broiler chicks also known as meat chickens. Growing broilers actually consists of a two-stage feeding programme. Broiler starter is the first stage.

It is given to day old chicks till they are 4 weeks old. Broiler starter feeds are usually complete feeds and no complimentary feed is needed. In Nigeria, you can buy topfeed starter feed for broilers online from or from any topfeed distributor in Nigeria.

Composition of broiler starter

  • Wheat
  • Maize
  • Sorghum
  • Brand
  • Protein meal
  • Soybean meal
  • Sunflower meal
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Salt
  • Choline chloride
  • Vitamins and more.


Broiler Finisher

The next type of poultry feed in Nigeria is the broiler finisher. It is used in rearing broilers. It is the next feed given to broilers after four weeks of feeding with broiler starter. It is fed to chickens from the age of 30 days to the age of 38 days.

Components of broiler finisher

  • Maize
  • Soya meal
  • Groundut cake
  • Brewr’s dried grain
  • Bone meal
  • Oyster shell
  • Broiler premix
  • Salt
  • Methionine
  • Lysine


We are done with poultry feed for broilers in Nigeria, let’s look at the feeds given to layers.

Layer Starter

Grower feed

Grower feed is the type of feed given to laying chickens from when they are 8 weeks old until they are ready to start producing and laying eggs (usually between age 18 weeks and 22 weeks. You have to switch layers feed to grower feed once they are 8 weeks old heading to the time of laying.

Layer Feed

This is given to layers when they have just started laying their first eggs. The feed is formulated to support the birds during egg production. It contains high amount of calcium for good egg shell formation.

In Nigeria, layer feeds can be bought from topfeed distributors or

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We are here to present to you all the nurses uniform styles in Nigeria and the types available as well.

Nursing, the noble profession is a prestigious profession cherished by most people in Nigeria. Nursing students or trainees and even newly posted nurses sometimes have little or no knowledge concerning the uniform each type of nurse is supposed to wear.

Like other countries, Nurses uniform styles and types in Nigeria is mostly determined by the rank you find yourself in.

For example, a higher-ranking nurse does not wear the same uniform as a lower ranking nurse.

Also, in Nigeria, some nurses wear different coloured belts to show their ranks. If you are a nursing student/trainee or aspiring to become one, we deem it important to educate you on the nursing uniform styles in Nigeria as well as the types available.

Before we have a look at the nursing uniforms, let us look at the various ranks of nurses in Nigeria.

Types of nurses in Nigeria

  • Registered Nurse
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Certified registered nurse Anesthetist
  • Clinical nurse specialist
  • Critical care nurse
  • Emergency or accident and emergency nurse
  • Family nurse practitioner
  • Geriatric nurse
  • Perioperative nurse (surgical nurse)
  • Mental health nurse
  • Nurse educator
  • Nurse manager
  • Nurse midwife
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Oncology nurse
  • Orthopedic nurse
  • Pediatric nurse
  • Nurse administrator
  • Travel nurse

Most nurses look cute in the navy blue scrubs. It is worn on the ward, theatre and sometimes the out patient department (OPD).

Auxiliary nurses also mostly wear light grey uniforms like nurse assistants do.

Nursing Uniform Styles in Nigeria

  • White Dress, Cap and Apron
  • Scrubs (different colors)
  • Green uniform

See pictures of the various nursing uniform styles below.


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You are probably here because you want to get a catfish feeding chart for your catfish farm. we’ve got you. This post has all the details you need. Just read to the end.

Since cultured catfish get only a small portion of their food nutrients naturally, they must be fed a complete feed, according to scientists from Mississippi State University.

Formulated feed provide catfish all the required nutrients in their proper proportions necessary for proper growth. Feed cost take more than 50% of the total cost of production.

It is very important that you know the adequate amount of feed to give your catfish in order not to underfeed or overfeed them.

We have given the catfish feed chart popularly used by Nigerian catfish farmers. See below.


Commercial catfish feed contains a mixture of vitamins, mineral, proteins and energy good for your catfish.

View the image below. It has the catfish feed chart commonly used in Nigeria.

catfish feed chart
catfish feed chart

Things to note

This feed chart is for a 1,000 catfish with start weight 25 -> 2,000 grams

Day Increase daily feed by Start feed weight End weight feed Initial fish size Final fish size Feed type
kg Kg g g
0-14 100g 1.4 2.7 25 62 Superior
15-40 120g 2.8 5.9 66 246 essential
41-49 140 6.2 7.2 255 300 Essential
50-70 160 7.4 10.3 305 450 Essential
71-84 180 10.5 12.7 460 580 Essential
85-91 200 12.8 14.0 595 660 Essential
92-98 240 14.3 15.5 670 745 Essential
99-115 280 15.9 20 750 1,040 essential
116-185 Feed 20 kg’s daily till harvest Essential

Leave your comments below.

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In this post I am going to give you a total cost of rearing a 100-layer bird poultry in Nigeria. Poultry farming happens to be one of the most lucrative farming businesses in the country. When everything is done well, you can reap a lot of benefits in a short while.

A lot of newbie farmers are always stuck between choosing either layers or broilers. they are all profitable.

In this post, the focus will be on layers. This is an actual budget based on a real poultry farm. If you have any questions kindly leave them in the comment section.

Layers are one of the most popular chicken breeds reared mainly for eggs.

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s compare the profitability of layers and broilers.

Difference Between Broilers & Layers

Broilers Layers
Requires more space Require less space
Consumes more feed Consumes less food
Provide faster return on investment Return on investment takes more time
You can sell broilers at higher profit margins Eggs sell at a relatively considerable profit margin


How much do you need start a 100 layer poultry farm?

The amount needed to start a 100 layer poultry farm is not constant. It varies all the time. This is due to the ever changing prices of poultry farming equipment, feed, and more.

Investment in poultry farm goes into the following areas

  • Land acquisition (half plot for 100 layers)
  • Housing unit (cage or deep litter)
  • Stocking with day old chicks
  • Feeders
  • Drinkers
  • electricity
  • Lightening
  • Feeding
  • water
  • Vaccination/medical management
  • Business registration
  • Staffing and staff wages
  • Consultation

Now let’s have a look at the exact amount needed in the areas listed above.

Land acquisition

In selecting a suitable production site or land for your poultry farm, the following factors should be greatly considered. The site should have these features:

  • Plenty of space
  • Availability of electricity
  • Cheap labour
  • Good road connection
  • Availability of water
  • Close proximity to target market.

The prices of land/farm lands differ from one state to the other. Like other parts of the world, farm lands are cheaper than lands close to residential facilities. It is therefore always advisable to opt of farm lands in order to cut cost of rearing 100 layers in Nigeria.

As at the time of writing this article, the average cost of a half plot of land varies from …………………..



After securing a land, the next cost that comes is housing cost. The actual cost of housing depends on the system you want to rear your layers. Do you want to do battery cage or deep litter? Comparing the two systems is beyond the scope of this article.

However, battery cage systems cost more than deep litter systems. For cheaper option, choose deep litter system for your 100 layer farm.

Averagely you’ll spend an amount of …………………….. building a deep litter house for 100 layers.


Stocking (purchasing day old chicks)

Without the chicks there is no farm. You need a 100 day old chicks (layers) to stock your newly set up farm. As at May 2021, the price of a layer day old chick ranges between ………………… to ……………… The price difference is as a result of the quality, supplier and whether local or foreign.

Cost Of Rearing 100 Layers
Cost Of Rearing 100 Layers

Equipment (Feeders & Drinkers)

You need feeders and drinkers for you 100 layer farm. To further cut cost, you can prepare DIY feeders and drinkers to improvise whiles you save funds to purchase better ones in the near future. See the price of feeders and drinkers presented in the budget at the end of the article.


Electricity and Lightening

Lightening is an important component of poultry farming. Day old chicks needs heat and light to thrive. Providing adequate lightening for your farm guarantees its success. You can get infrared lights from online shops in Nigeria at affordable prices.

Feeding and Water

As it stands now, a bag of feed for layers costs between 4,000 Naira – 5,000 Naira.


Business Registration

Staffing and Staff Wages

Miscellaneous Costs


Budget for 100 Layers Poultry Farming In Nigeria

Item Estimated Cost
Feeders for day old chicks
Drinkers for day old chicks
PVC Gloves
Wellington Boots
Ffp2 Nose Mask
LED Bulbs
Brooder guard
Staff wages
Business registration
Electrical works
Plumbing works
Saw dust
Industrial waste bin
Disinfectants (bleach)
Water tank
Weighing scale


We can estimate that a total of 1,426,551 Naira is needed to start a 100 layer poultry farm in Nigeria.

Note: This amount is estimated. It may vary depending on several factors. Thank you.


Source: Nigeria Insider

Looking to buy plywood in Nigeria for your building and construction project? This post is for you then.

At Nigeria Insider we are committed to bringing you the accurate prices of products and services in Nigeria. In this article we bring you the current prices of plywood, types and a lot more.

Gone are the days where mud and straw were used as the only building materials. That old way has passed, the new way has come.

Today people prefer cheaper, durable and safer way of building. With industrialization and urbanization, many people now opt to build their houses, offices with wood.

 A lot of people may argue that wood isn’t the best option to build a house. Well, there are some structures that can be build entirely with wood.

Whether you are building a block and mortar house or a full wood house, you’ll need a plywood. Plywood has become an important component of building materials in Nigeria. A such, people are always looking for the best price and quality of plywood to purchase.

plywood price nigeria
plywood price nigeria

Plywood is an assembly of wood veneers that are bonded together using resin glue to produce a flat sheet. It can be used in a wide range of interior and exterior building works.

Types of plywood

  • Hardwood
  • Shuttering
  • Marine


Where to buy plywood in Nigeria

Plywood is common in all building material shops in Nigeria. Also, you can buy them online from any popular online market, example Jiji, Jumia and Konga.


Price of Plywood in Nigeria

Prices of Plywood in Nigeria

Afara Plywood

  • 1 sheet of ¼-inch– N2, 000 – N2,300
  • 1 sheet of ½-inch– N3, 000 – N3,500
  • 1 sheet of ¾-inch– N5,000 – N5,500
  • Obeche Plywood
  • 1 sheet of ¼-inch– N1,500 – N2, 000
  • 1 sheet of ½-inch– N2,500 – N3, 500
  • 1 sheet of ¾-inch – N4, 000 – N4,500

Other Types of Plywood

  • 1 sheet of ¼-inch Mgs Plywood – N1, 600 – N2, 000
  • 1 sheet of 3/4-inch Marine Plywood – N7,800 – N8, 300
  • 1 sheet of 1/4-inch Resin coated Plywood – N2,500 – N2,800
  • 1 sheet of ½-inch Resin coated Plywood- N2,800 – N3,000
  • 1 sheet of ¾-inch Resin coated Plywood – N3,200 – N3,500
  • 1 full sheet of ¼-inch veneer Plywood – N2,200 – N2,500
  • 1 sheet of ½-inch, Veneer Plywood – N2,500 – N3, 000
  • 1 sheet of ¾-inch, Veneer Plywood – N3,500 – N4,000

Source: Nigeria Insider

Welcome to Nigerian Insider. In this article we are going to give you the current price of A4 paper in Nigeria, where to buy and even the best brand to buy.

If you are planning of starting a printing press or you already have one operating currently then this article will be of good use to you.

Common brands of A4 paper

A couple of authentic A4 brands are seen on the Nigerian market. Some of these brands include but not limited to the following.

  • HP Papers
  • Double A
  • Chamex
  • Paper One
  • PPC
  • Nexus

Most durable A4 papers have the following features.

  • Anti-curl quality to reduce paper jams
  • Crystal clear
  • 500 sheets of paper guaranteed in a ream

Things to note

A4 papers comes in different weight. Some are 75g and others 80g. The 80g

a4 price nigeria
a4 price nigeria

How much is A4 Paper in Nigeria

The current price of A4 differs from one brand to the other, although the difference is not so huge.  The current price of a box of A4 ranges between 11,000 Naira – 13,000 Naira. The weight of the paper, brand and where you buy it determines the difference in price.

A box of A4 paper contains 5 reams (rim). Each ream guarantees you of 500 sheets of paper.

Where to buy A4 paper in Nigeria

There are several distributors or sellers of A4 paper in Nigeria. You can either by it online or at any stationary shop near you.

Online shops to buy A4 paper are:

  • Jumia NG
  • Jiji


I will always recommend that you stick to using one brand of A4 paper for a long time. Changing brands frequently can be detrimental to the wellbeing of your printer/copier. Leave your comments in the comment section below. Thank you.

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Do you know you can receive via western union money transfer from a friend or relative abroad?

Receiving money via Western Union in Nigeria is one of the fastest ways to receive money. All you need is to get a bank that accepts Western Union, and you are good to go.

Many are the times my online employer has paid me using Western Union. I have been able to withdraw my money without any challenge.

In this post, I am going to give you a step by step guide on how to successfully withdraw someone sent you via Western Union. If you are a Nigerian and you get paid online via Western Union, this post is for you.

Things to note

  • All Western Union payouts are strictly in US Dollars (USD).
  • You are not required to pay any fees or charge for processing.
  • Not all banks process Western Union Payments. Find an agent


  • Original and photocopy of your Identification card
  • A valid national identification card (ID number will be required)
  • Answer to test question
  • Completed Western Union Form
  • The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
  • Receiver’s full name
  • Receiver’s Address
  • Receiver’s Telephone Number
  • Originating country
  • Expected amount (Leave blank if you are not sure)
  • Sender’s Full Name
  • Sender’s telephone number (if applicable)


Steps to receive money through Western Union in Nigeria

  1. Visit any Western Union agent or bank
  2. Request for a Western Union Payout slip
  3. Fill out the western union payout slip with all required details
  4. Make a photocopy of your Identification Card
  5. Hand a copy of your ID Card and the filled slip to the teller.
  6. Wait for processing.
  7. Once processing completes, you will be required to append your signature on the customer and agent receipt.
  8. Receive your cash
  9. You have successfully withdrawn western money in Nigeria.
receive money western union
western union

You can proceed to deposit the money into your bank account.

Banks that process Western Union Payments

Below is a list of some banks that accept western union transactions.

  • United Bank of Africa (UBA)
  • First Bank of Nigeria PLC (all locations)
  • Zenith International Bank (all locations)
  • Wema Bank (all locations)
  • Standard Trust Bank (all locations)
  • Oceanic Bank International (limited locations)
  • Ecobank Nigeria PLC (limited locations)
  • AllStates Trust Bank (limited locations)
  • NBM Bank (limited locations)


What is the western union money limit?

Union allows only USD3,000 to be processed in one payout. Amount higher than this will be split into multiple payments.

What is MTCN?

This is a special tracking number that will allow you to the status of the transfer.

How do I get MTCN?

The sender will provide you with this number.


Source: Nigeria Insider

There are a couple of certified top feed distributors in Nigeria. If you want to become a top feed distributor wherever you are in Nigeria (Ibadan, Lagos, Port Harcourt, etc.), you need to read this article to the end.

As a distributor you get Top Feed animal feeds at wholesale and discounted prices coupled with other promotional packages.

You then retail the feed to farmers and make substantial profit. Distributing livestock feeds, concentrates, additives and supplements can be very profitable.

You can specialize in poultry feed, pig feed, catfish feed, etc.

What you need to get started?

To become a top feed distributor, you need the following basic requirement.

  • Capital: you need a substantial amount of money to source animal feeds from Top Feed.
  • Marketing skills: good marketing skills ensures success in the business. Make sure you learn from existing business who are successful in the animal feed distributorship.

As a top feed supplier, you can have your own warehouse where farmers come to buy the feeds.

In Nigeria, Oke Aro in Lagos is renowned for pig farming settlements while Ilora in Oyo State has lots of poultry farms concentrated there. Getting a good discount on Livestock, Animal Care, Durante, Boar, Vital and Top feed price is one way to make it big in this business.

Steps to become a top feed distributor

  1. Get the Required License if any.

Animal feed manufactures have different guiding principles in regards to distributorship. You need to contact the producers of top feed for their requirements and other relevant details.

After meeting the necessary general and capital requirement you would be given the greenlight to start retailing animal feeds.

  1. Get a space (Warehouse)

You need to rent or build a structure (warehouse) where feeds will be stored. You should consider several factors when choosing a location.

top feed price list
top feed price list
  • Easy access to water
  • Easy access to target market
  • Easy access to electricity
  • Good road connection
  1. Employ Staff

You need “strong” men who will offload stocks from trucks whenever they arrive. You could pay these Labourers an amount between #10,000 – #30,000. This will depend on their scope of work.

  1. Buy a truck

You should buy a mini-van or a truck for loading animal feed right from the manufacturers. This will save you the cost of renting truck from elsewhere in the long term.


  1. Offer customers promotional deals

To ensure customer satisfaction you need to run seasonal promotional sales where most of the feeds will be discounted. Terms and conditions should apply.


  1. Record Keeping

Keeping records of farm owners (customers) is very crucial in feed distributorship business.

  1. Market your company.

This can be done by building a company website, advertising on radio stations and word of mouth.


This is what we’ve got in regards to how to become a top feed distributor in Nigeria.

Thanks for passing by. Leave a comment below.

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In this post, we bring you the complete Top Feed price list.

Top Feeds are a group of animal feeds manufactured by Premiere Feed Mills Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Flour Mills Nigeria, PLC.

They produce one of the most sought-after animal feeds in Nigeria. In recent times, animal farming has been a lucrative business venture the youth are venturing into.

This is due to the high profits it promises when everything is done the right way.

In our previous article, we discussed the prices of day-old chicks in Nigeria. If you are planning to start a poultry farm, you can check out that post HERE.

Top Feed products include Chick mash, Grower mash, Broiler super starter, Broiler starter, Broiler finisher, concentrate, layer mash, layer phase 2,  and Pre-layer mash.

There are different kinds of top feeds available on the Nigerian market. Examples include:

  • Topfeed for broilers
  • Top Feed for catfish
  • Top feed for Rabbit
  • And many more.


Top Feed Price List (2021)

Having knowledge of the top feed prices is important for both aspiring and present farmers. This helps you to draw an accurate budget for your farm.

NB: The prices listed here are the current prices on the market as at the time of writing this post.

Feed Type Price in Naira
TopFeed Aqua (Floating Feed Pellets for Catfish) – 15kg ₦7,312.00 – ₦8,732.00
TopFeed Starter Feed for Broiler Chicks (Mash Crumbles) – 25kg Bag ₦5,805.00 – ₦5,882.00
Topfeed Concentrates (Grower | Layer) – 25kg Bag ₦5,122.00 – ₦6,140.00
TopFeed Aqua (Floating Feed Pellets for Tilapia) – 15kg ₦7,942.00 – ₦8,732.00
top feed price list
top feed price list

Where to buy Top Feed in Nigeria

You can purchase from any genuine Top Feed distributor. Below is a list of top feed distributors and their contacts

  • Victory Livestock Services – (+234) 802-355-9393; (+234) 819-142-8600
  • Terratiga – (+234) 1-295-7814; (+234) 1-295-8045
  • Durante Fish Industries – (+234) 807-728-1600


Contact Top Feed Main Factory

Top Feeds Ltd Nigeria

Physical Address: Plot 354, Ogorode Industrial Estate, Sapele, Delta, Sapele, Delta, Nigeria

Telephone: +234 54 342628, +234 802 292 2472


Source: Nigeria Insider

We are going to show you how to successfully cancel an order on Jumia Online shop in in Nigeria.

Jumia is an online store in Nigeria known for its good customer service reputation of making quality products or items available at your doorstep.

Over the years, Jumia has been known to provide items ranging from clothes, electronics, games to food even at discount offers. And this is why it is an online store everyone can rely on for affordable items.

How about situations where you’re no longer interested in a product you ordered? Or in the case of a rethink on the cost of items, how do we go about cancelling our order on Jumia?


Please read the next few paragraphs carefully for it will be focusing on that.

When you buy from Jumia, you can choose any of these payment methods to purchase your items;

  • Pay on Delivery
  • Jumia pay
  • Debit card.

After this, Jumia starts processing the successful delivery of your items to your doorstep.

But then, on a second thought, you are not sure about the quality or you may think that you are being overcharged or maybe it’s even the wrong measurement or size you picked.

In that case, it would be best to cancel your order. This is what I’m going to help you within the next few points.


Steps to Cancelling an Order on Jumia

  • Send an email to Jumia customer service ([email protected]) or call their customer care service (check their website to confirm).

After this is done, the customer care service will see to it that your order is cancelled and that your money is refunded if you paid through Jumia pay.

how to cancel jumia order
cancel jumia order
  • In a case where the items are with you but you are not satisfied maybe because it doesn’t look like what you saw on their website, you can initiate a return process form on your Jumia personal account.

Pack the product according to the special return conditions on their website including all accessories (tags, free gifts etc.)  that came alongside and then arrange a pickup time with the customer service or drop it off at a station for free.

Watch Video Of How To Cancel Order On Jumia Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria Customer Care Lines

If you have difficulty placing your order, please call us on the following numbers below;
01-2772367 & 01-8883300

You can also write to Jumia Nigeria via:

This is how simple it is — to cancel an order on Jumia Nigeria. If this post was helpful to you, please leave a comment and also subscribe to our push notification for everyday updates.

All Questions Answered For How To Cancel Order On Jumia Nigeria

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, Jumia Nigeria allows you to cancel your order if it is in waiting to be shipped status. Please note that orders in shipped status cannot be cancelled. Kindly reject delivery once you are contacted by their delivery agent. For orders on the delivered status, you can create a return request from your account.

How long does it take for jumia to refund money?

Once Jumia Nigeria receive your returned item, they will inspect it and process your refund within 10 business days into your JumiaPay wallet or payment method.

My order was prepaid, how will I get a refund?

If you cancel your order online, you will receive a refund in your JumiaPay wallet within 24hours. If you reject the delivery of the order, your refund will be processed as soon as the order is updated to the delivery failed within 48 hours.

Source: Nigeria Insider

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