In this article, we are going to give you the prices of mouka mattresses in Nigeria, their shop locations and other relevant information you may need.

Students and individuals are always searching for the best mattresses to give their rooms the best look ever. Mouka is one of Nigeria’s foam and mattress brands thrilling customers with their amazing products.

If you need comfort, quality, durability and cost, Mouka says be rest assured, their mattresses are of high quality.    

If you are looking for a student mattress, orthopedic mattress, family size mattress, etc. then getting a Mouka mattress won’t be a bad decision.

One of Nigeria’s mattress producers where you can get quality long-lasting mattresses and pillows of different sizes is Mouka.

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Mouka specializes in the production of the following:

  • Pillow
  • Foams Mattress
  • Mozzi fabric textile spray
  • Mozzi soak and dry repellant
  • Mozzi mattress spray

Their main competitors are Vitafoam and Unifoam who are also noted for the production of quality beds, mattresses and accessories.

If you need a mattress to give you maximum comfort, there’s always a Mouka for everyone. Check below the prices of their mattresses below.

Mouka mattresses in Pictures

Before we take a look at the various prices and sizes, let us have some look at some of their products below.

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Features of Mouka foams

According to this company their product (foams) have the following qualities.

  • Perfect design
  • Designed with advanced technology
  • Super comfort

Mouka Foam Sizes and Prices

It is important that you know the current market prices. This informs your decision prior to buying and also helps you to make a sound and accurate budget.

Compare the prices with the other mattress brands and make a final decision before you purchase.

Below are the prices of their mattresses and other products.

Mattress Name Price Range in Naira
Regal 74,547 – 186,360
Regina 46,804 – 125,012
Mondeo Spring 67,226 – 114,244
Flora Premier 42,816 – 83,255
Super flora 27,352 – 136,876
Flora 8,299 – 152,144
Dreamtime 11,070 – 19,914
Dreamtime baby 10,543 – 18966
Royal fibre pillow 9,054
Classic pillow 1,540
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Mouka showrooms and shop locations

If you are interested in any of their products and would like to make a purchase, use the contact details below to get in touch with them. Whether you are in Lagos, Abuja or Ibadan, you can get a showroom or factory near you. Just use the contact details below.

Head Office

Lagos Office

Plot ‘M’ Awosika Avenue,

Ikeja Industrial Estate,

Lagos State.


Benin Office


Km 12, Benin-Lagos Express Road,

By Okhun Road

Benin City,

Edo State.


Kaduna Office


No 6, Inuwa Abdul Kadir Street,

Industrial Estate behind PAN Kakuri,

Kaduna South,

Kaduna State.


For enquiries click here to fill the contact form.

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