In this post I am going to give you a total cost of rearing a 100-layer bird poultry in Nigeria. Poultry farming happens to be one of the most lucrative farming businesses in the country. When everything is done well, you can reap a lot of benefits in a short while.

A lot of newbie farmers are always stuck between choosing either layers or broilers. they are all profitable.

In this post, the focus will be on layers. This is an actual budget based on a real poultry farm. If you have any questions kindly leave them in the comment section.

Layers are one of the most popular chicken breeds reared mainly for eggs.

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s compare the profitability of layers and broilers.

Difference Between Broilers & Layers

Broilers Layers
Requires more space Require less space
Consumes more feed Consumes less food
Provide faster return on investment Return on investment takes more time
You can sell broilers at higher profit margins Eggs sell at a relatively considerable profit margin
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How much do you need start a 100 layer poultry farm?

The amount needed to start a 100 layer poultry farm is not constant. It varies all the time. This is due to the ever changing prices of poultry farming equipment, feed, and more.

Investment in poultry farm goes into the following areas

  • Land acquisition (half plot for 100 layers)
  • Housing unit (cage or deep litter)
  • Stocking with day old chicks
  • Feeders
  • Drinkers
  • electricity
  • Lightening
  • Feeding
  • water
  • Vaccination/medical management
  • Business registration
  • Staffing and staff wages
  • Consultation

Now let’s have a look at the exact amount needed in the areas listed above.

Land acquisition

In selecting a suitable production site or land for your poultry farm, the following factors should be greatly considered. The site should have these features:

  • Plenty of space
  • Availability of electricity
  • Cheap labour
  • Good road connection
  • Availability of water
  • Close proximity to target market.

The prices of land/farm lands differ from one state to the other. Like other parts of the world, farm lands are cheaper than lands close to residential facilities. It is therefore always advisable to opt of farm lands in order to cut cost of rearing 100 layers in Nigeria.

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As at the time of writing this article, the average cost of a half plot of land varies from …………………..



After securing a land, the next cost that comes is housing cost. The actual cost of housing depends on the system you want to rear your layers. Do you want to do battery cage or deep litter? Comparing the two systems is beyond the scope of this article.

However, battery cage systems cost more than deep litter systems. For cheaper option, choose deep litter system for your 100 layer farm.

Averagely you’ll spend an amount of …………………….. building a deep litter house for 100 layers.


Stocking (purchasing day old chicks)

Without the chicks there is no farm. You need a 100 day old chicks (layers) to stock your newly set up farm. As at May 2021, the price of a layer day old chick ranges between ………………… to ……………… The price difference is as a result of the quality, supplier and whether local or foreign.

Cost Of Rearing 100 Layers
Cost Of Rearing 100 Layers

Equipment (Feeders & Drinkers)

You need feeders and drinkers for you 100 layer farm. To further cut cost, you can prepare DIY feeders and drinkers to improvise whiles you save funds to purchase better ones in the near future. See the price of feeders and drinkers presented in the budget at the end of the article.


Electricity and Lightening

Lightening is an important component of poultry farming. Day old chicks needs heat and light to thrive. Providing adequate lightening for your farm guarantees its success. You can get infrared lights from online shops in Nigeria at affordable prices.

Feeding and Water

As it stands now, a bag of feed for layers costs between 4,000 Naira – 5,000 Naira.


Business Registration

Staffing and Staff Wages

Miscellaneous Costs


Budget for 100 Layers Poultry Farming In Nigeria

Item Estimated Cost
Feeders for day old chicks
Drinkers for day old chicks
PVC Gloves
Wellington Boots
Ffp2 Nose Mask
LED Bulbs
Brooder guard
Staff wages
Business registration
Electrical works
Plumbing works
Saw dust
Industrial waste bin
Disinfectants (bleach)
Water tank
Weighing scale


We can estimate that a total of 1,426,551 Naira is needed to start a 100 layer poultry farm in Nigeria.

Note: This amount is estimated. It may vary depending on several factors. Thank you.


Source: Nigeria Insider


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