There are a couple of certified top feed distributors in Nigeria. If you want to become a top feed distributor wherever you are in Nigeria (Ibadan, Lagos, Port Harcourt, etc.), you need to read this article to the end.

As a distributor you get Top Feed animal feeds at wholesale and discounted prices coupled with other promotional packages.

You then retail the feed to farmers and make substantial profit. Distributing livestock feeds, concentrates, additives and supplements can be very profitable.

You can specialize in poultry feed, pig feed, catfish feed, etc.

What you need to get started?

To become a top feed distributor, you need the following basic requirement.

  • Capital: you need a substantial amount of money to source animal feeds from Top Feed.
  • Marketing skills: good marketing skills ensures success in the business. Make sure you learn from existing business who are successful in the animal feed distributorship.

As a top feed supplier, you can have your own warehouse where farmers come to buy the feeds.

In Nigeria, Oke Aro in Lagos is renowned for pig farming settlements while Ilora in Oyo State has lots of poultry farms concentrated there. Getting a good discount on Livestock, Animal Care, Durante, Boar, Vital and Top feed price is one way to make it big in this business.

Steps to become a top feed distributor

  1. Get the Required License if any.

Animal feed manufactures have different guiding principles in regards to distributorship. You need to contact the producers of top feed for their requirements and other relevant details.

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After meeting the necessary general and capital requirement you would be given the greenlight to start retailing animal feeds.

  1. Get a space (Warehouse)

You need to rent or build a structure (warehouse) where feeds will be stored. You should consider several factors when choosing a location.

top feed price list
top feed price list
  • Easy access to water
  • Easy access to target market
  • Easy access to electricity
  • Good road connection
  1. Employ Staff

You need “strong” men who will offload stocks from trucks whenever they arrive. You could pay these Labourers an amount between #10,000 – #30,000. This will depend on their scope of work.

  1. Buy a truck

You should buy a mini-van or a truck for loading animal feed right from the manufacturers. This will save you the cost of renting truck from elsewhere in the long term.

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  1. Offer customers promotional deals

To ensure customer satisfaction you need to run seasonal promotional sales where most of the feeds will be discounted. Terms and conditions should apply.


  1. Record Keeping

Keeping records of farm owners (customers) is very crucial in feed distributorship business.

  1. Market your company.

This can be done by building a company website, advertising on radio stations and word of mouth.


This is what we’ve got in regards to how to become a top feed distributor in Nigeria.

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    • How much do I need to become a distributor and where will I get the license

      • Hi, good day. I want to become a top feed will I be able to? How will I be able to mail the company to know the necessary requirements? Thanks

    • I want to become a top feed will I be able to? How will I be able to mail the company to know the necessary requirements?

      • How much do I need to start and I do get the license and how can I contact the manufacturer


      Like how much are we looking at to become a distributor. How easy would one get access to constant supplies. I am in Ilorin, Kwara State.

    • I want to become a distributor in ekiti state, pls I need the number of sale rep covering ekiti state

    • Abiodun Jumoke Christianah Reply

      How much can I start with and how can I get to ur location, I am in okeagbe Akoko ONDO STATE

      • How much is the startup capital and I can I contact the manufacturer for the requirements and license
        Am in Delta State


    I Reside in IJEBU ODE, ogun state. How much do l need to become a distributor and cost of delivery of goods as a beginner,please

    • Aderibigbe adewumi Reply

      How can I become a sub distribution around ogijo area of ikorodu. Can you connect me with one of your main distribution around here.

    • Nkechi Chizoba Reply

      How much do I need and how do I become a distributor around Asese Ogun state.

  2. Arigbede Vivian Reply

    I would like to become a distributor,I reside in Kaduna how much do i need

  3. I'm Adegoke Ishola Reply

    Pls. where is your nearest Depot to my place?
    I leave at Obanijesu, Near Elepe Junction, Ojoo to Arulogun Rd,. Ibadan.

      • Felix Godwin Reply

        How much is involved in acquiring a licence.
        How much is the starting capital please.

      • Ojo morenike Reply

        Hw much do I need to be a distributor.hw will mail the company to kwn the necessary requimement

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        Like how much do I need for capital to become a distributor

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      In ibadan please like how much do I need to become the distributor in your company and is CAC license cover the Requirement you ask for thanks

    • Chidi Livinus Odoh Reply

      Lives in Ayangba, in kogi state, already in the system how do I patern with the business. Reach me so we can start the business.

    • Endurance Akodi Okwute Reply

      How do I locate the top producer I want to become wholesaler please show me way

  4. I’m from Akwa Ibom State a biginner in livestock business, I do sell pig feed (wheat offal) which I always order it from Niger Mill company in Calabar, I’ll like to partner with top feed in distribution of their products I have a high demand of sells here in my location here in Akwa Ibom State which I can help in promoting their products

  5. How do I get a license to be a distributor and how much capital to I need as a beginner? I live in Benin city.

  6. Femi Abimbola Reply

    Going by the requirements, I might not be able to become a distributor by now but is there any registered distributor in Ijebu-Ode that I can work with as a retailer. Femi from Ijebu-Ode Ogun State.

  7. Bashi Tersooo Reply

    Am interested , how may i get the license and how much will it cost to start the business here in Benue State

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    Please how and where can I buy Top feed
    chicken food for sale.
    I leave in Ijoko Abule Road , on the way to Agbado crossing.
    Expecting your quick response.

    Thank you.

  13. Okhakumhe Murtala Reply

    I want to register as top feed distributor in auchi. What is the process? Am also aware that top feed delay supply to their distributors why? Because I prefer using top feed for fish farm but it’s not always available like other feeds.

  14. Enyedike Clifford Reply

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  15. Okoli Daniel Reply

    I have a truck of my own and a warehouse. Please, I need to be enlightened on how to start. I’m from Anambra state and I want to start the business there, but I’m in calabar now. I want to know what is still required for me to start.

  16. Amarachi ugochukwu Reply

    I have asked before about how to be a partner in the company of Chikun as a distributor what will it cost to get liscens and other details about the company please It is urgent.


    Please, l want to be. Distributor, how much to pay or to register as a distributor, this question has been ask by several people, no response. Why? Is good you let us know your requirement. Thanks

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    I have a mini bus,I would like to buy in wholesale and resale to sealers in Ekiti is this possible?.

  21. I stay at Ikotun Lagos. What is the initial capital? Can I be a sub distributor? Connect me to any major distributor around my neighborhood

  22. I stay at Ikotun Lagos. Can I be a sub distributor? Connect me to any major distributor around my neighborhood

  23. Ukanwa obila Reply

    I stay at Ikotun Lagos. Can I be a sub distributor? Connect me to any major distributor around my neighborhood

  24. Kindly mail me your price list and phone number of your Sales Representative in Abuja

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    Who it may concern. Please how much will I use to start for distributor

  26. Please u can send information to my Whatsapp 08020281611 or 09077002029

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  36. Food hubs are an exciting new trend in the development of local and regional food systems. Thank you!

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