You are probably here because you want to get a catfish feeding chart for your catfish farm. we’ve got you. This post has all the details you need. Just read to the end.

Since cultured catfish get only a small portion of their food nutrients naturally, they must be fed a complete feed, according to scientists from Mississippi State University.

Formulated feed provide catfish all the required nutrients in their proper proportions necessary for proper growth. Feed cost take more than 50% of the total cost of production.

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It is very important that you know the adequate amount of feed to give your catfish in order not to underfeed or overfeed them.

We have given the catfish feed chart popularly used by Nigerian catfish farmers. See below.


Commercial catfish feed contains a mixture of vitamins, mineral, proteins and energy good for your catfish.

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View the image below. It has the catfish feed chart commonly used in Nigeria.

catfish feed chart
catfish feed chart

Things to note

This feed chart is for a 1,000 catfish with start weight 25 -> 2,000 grams

Day Increase daily feed by Start feed weight End weight feed Initial fish size Final fish size Feed type
kg Kg g g
0-14 100g 1.4 2.7 25 62 Superior
15-40 120g 2.8 5.9 66 246 essential
41-49 140 6.2 7.2 255 300 Essential
50-70 160 7.4 10.3 305 450 Essential
71-84 180 10.5 12.7 460 580 Essential
85-91 200 12.8 14.0 595 660 Essential
92-98 240 14.3 15.5 670 745 Essential
99-115 280 15.9 20 750 1,040 essential
116-185 Feed 20 kg’s daily till harvest Essential
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    Hi insider team which fish feed will give me the best big catfish.

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    I didn’t understand the chart , no energy conversion ratio

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