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How to Register for IELTS in Nigeria.

To do well in the competitive world out there, language and communication is very important. Now, the English language has been a global language for centuries. Communicating in the English language has become one of the most essential requirements to participate competitively in the world today; Europe especially— English speaking European countries.

Whether you want to get a job or school abroad in English speaking countries like Canada, USA, UK and Australia, communicating fluently in English cannot be overemphasized. 

If you’re already fluent in your spoken and written English communication, then you’ve got a high chance of passing the IELTS without too much effort.

What is the IELTS?

The IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System. It is a standardized test taken by non-native speakers of English to test their proficiency in the English language. It is jointly managed by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and Cambridge Assessment English, and was established in 1989. Since then, IELTS has been one of the major English language tests in the world non-native speakers take if they want to live, work, and study abroad, especially in English-speaking countries. In fact, it is the most popular English proficiency test, and it is written by thousands of candidates across the globe every year.

IELTS has become important as acquiring an international passport and visa for people who want live, work, and study in English-speaking countries overseas. In fact, certain countries have made this English proficiency test core and criteria for people become they are allowed to work or study there. In this article, I’ll talk about the costs of IELTS in Nigeria, how to enroll for IELTS in Nigeria, and how to register for IELTS in Nigeria.

How much is IELTS in Nigeria?

Currently, the cost of registering for the IELTS in Nigeria varies from the exchange rates which are not static. On average, IELTS in Nigeria costs between ₦75,000 to ₦80,000. It is recommended to register when the Naira currency is fair at the Forex market. But to be on the safer side, always prepare ₦75,000 and above. 

IELTS is usually written 8 times a year in different parts of the country, with Lagos and Abuja as the most popular centers.

How to Register for IELTS in Nigeria.

If you’re a Nigerian looking for greener pastures abroad, then you might want to take the IELTS. In this section, you’ll be informed how to register for IELTS in Nigeria. It’s quite easy and simple.

Understand the logic of the test: Understanding the logic of the test is the first thing to do. Get familiar with the nature of the test very well and ensure you are fit to take the test. Also, get yourself familiar with the fees, examination type, mode of the test, examination centers, and available dates. Make sure you also met the age requirement of a minimum of 16 years old. 

Select Exam Type: There are two modes and types of IELTS: General Training and Academic. Select the one that suits you.

Select Exam Date and Location: Do not rush at this stage. It is essential to pick a period that suits you and a location convenient for you. You can check the British Council website for available dates and venues. Note that test dates close and it is necessary to get yourself updated about the latest dates for the test.

Get Necessary Documents Ready: The registration does not require so much. Just scan your international passport and basic details. Make sure you upload the image on your passport in png, jpeg or gif format. The scanned copy of your passport should include basic information about you including your birth date, passport expiration date, and signature.

Proceed to Payment: You can make payment via bank transfer or bank draft. There are various bank options available. Pick any of the banks listed, select a payment method that is convenient for you. After making the payment, send your payment evidence along with your passport at the British Council office. Once completed, you will get a confirmation mail with the access code for your online practice questions and other helpful materials.

How to Get Prepared for IELTS in Nigeria.

As IELTS is one of the most important tests in the world it is well important to prepare judiciously and adequately for it. You can make use of the options listed below:

IELTS Coaching Centers.

There are IELTS coaching centers across the cities of Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, and Ibadan. Actually, there are limited IELTS training centers, but you’ll find one around Ikeja, Ọgbà, and Ikorodu in Lagos. 

IELTS coaching centers have experts who would guide you accordingly on how to face the IELTS test. They are basically English tutors who have IELTS experience.

Online Tutorials.

There are scores of online tutorials you can enroll in if you want to prepare for IELTS in Nigeria. YouTube and other online sources will help you brush up your proficiency in English for IELTS.


Latest Roofing Sheets Prices in Nigeria 2021.

For buildings to be sheltered and look complete, they need roofing sheets. Therefore, roofing sheets are one of the most essenstials in any building project.

Nowadays, roofing sheets serve two purposes: the primary purpose and the secondary purpose. For the primary purpose, it is used essentially as a form of covering for any building project. Its primary purpose is to shelter a building project, providing the roofing for the building at the top. The comfort of a building, in terms of shelter depends on the quality of the roofing sheet.

Moving on to the secondary purpose, a roofing sheet serves secondarily as a foundational aesthetic for any building project or architectural structure. The exterior aesthetics of any building depends on the type or design of the roofing sheet selected. So, if you’re working on any building project or architectural project, it is always essential for you to pick the best roofing sheets that is durable and timeless.

As roofing sheets are essential materials for building a d architectural purposes, quality and timelessness have always been major factors affecting the price of roofing sheets in Nigeria. Top manufacturers use elements like Zinc and Aluminum to manufacture different types of roofing sheets. Aluminium, Wintech, Long Span, and others are the most popular ones. As they’ve (roofing sheets) become one of the most expensive and high on demand building materials, there are now many brands out there to choose from. Although, brands are quite different from each other.

Types and Prices of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria.

While there are many brands of roofing sheets available in the Nigerian markets today, they should be carefully selected according to the building structure and the taste of the contractor. Roofing sheets vary in designs, quality, sizes, and prices. Apart from covering and shelter, they also bring about exterior beauty. 

We’ll take w look at the various types of roofing sheets and their prices in Nigeria.

Stone-Coated Roofing Sheets: Types and Prices in Nigeria.

The stone-coated roofing sheet is also known as fhe the roofing sheet of the city. This because of its classiness, beauty, durability, lightweight, and expensiveness. Cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, and Abeokuta are few of the major cities in Nigeria where stone-coated roofing sheets are common.

Stone-Coated roofing sheets are made our of coated  chips merges in acrylic film. To ensure classic quality, the manufacturers or the stone-coated roofs ensures that it possesses the strength, quality and finesse to timelessness. 

One advantage about stone-coated roofs is that they do not rust; they last for a long time and so not show any signs of rusting.

Because of its quality and and classiness, stone-coated roofing sheets are regarded by many building contractors as the most expensive in Nigeria. Some of the advantages of using stone-coated roofing sheets are highlighted below:

  • They are long lasting and beautiful: Yes, they are the most expensive because they serve as the primary source of exterior aesthetics. They are also the most preferred because if their quality and ability to last long.
  • They are soundproof: When your building is sheltered by a Stone-Coated roof, you hardly hear a sound when something falls on the roof, especially when it is raining. They are noise absorbers.
  • They are lightweight and resistant to fire and heat: The manufacturers have made it so quality that they’ve made it lightweight band resistant to fire and heat.

Prices of Stone-coated roofing sheets in Nigeria.

This is the most preferred roofing sheets in Nigeria. It is also one of the most expensive because if its beauty and finesse. Here is an estimate of prices of stone-coated roofing sheets below:

Milano design 0.55mm thick ₦3,400 per square meter
Classic design  0.55mm thick ₦3,400 per square meter
Bond design 0.55mm thick ₦3,300 per square meter
Shingles design 0.55mm thick ₦3,400 per square meter
Wooden Shakes design 0.55mm thick ₦3,400 per square meter
Roman design 0.55mm thick ₦3,400 per square meter

It is a great choice to use this roofing sheet for your building project.

Aluminum Roofing Sheets: Types and Prices in Nigeria.

Aluminum roofing sheets are one of the pioneer types of roofing sheet used in modern Nigeria. In fact, before people began using the stone-coated roofing sheets, the Aluminum had gained the building contractors’ choice and it is still one of the best selling roofing sheets in Nigeria. Because the stone-coated roofing sheets has now become more preferable, that doesn’t mean that they are not also good. They are also durable and of high quality. The only factor that makes ot different from the stone-coated roof is that it is cheaper, it tends to rust over a period of decades, and they are quite noisy during rainy seasons. Apart from that, they serve the best functions of a roofing sheet.

Prices of Aluminium Roofing Sheets in Nigeria.

Long Span Aluminium Costs ₦2,100 per meter
Step-tile Aluminium Costs ₦2,400 per meter
MetCoppo Aluminum Costs ₦2,500 per meter

Fibre Britment Roofing Sheets: Types and Prices in Nigeria.

This type of roofing sheet is known for its quality and durability. At some point it was the most on demand roofing sheet in the market; it ruled the market. Although, it still maintains its quality, it has been outshined by the stone-coated roof in most building projects. However, it is a second choice and the best alternative for stone-coated roofs and Aluminum roofs.

Prices of Fibre Britment Roofing Sheets in Nigeria.

Fibre Britment Roofing Sheets Costs ₦3,500
Fibre Britment Step-tile Costs ₦4,900

Swiss Roofing Sheets: Types and Prices in Nigeria.

If you want classiness featured with aesthetics and durability, then the Swiss Roofing Sheets are the ones for you. In fact, the stone-coated which is usually over-hyped as the most expensive is not as expensive as the Swiss Roofing Sheets. This is largely due to how expensive they are. You won’t get a standard Swiss roofing sheet for less than ₦5,000 per square meter.


Now we’ve come to the end of the prices of roofing sheets in Nigeria. As you can see that they are an essential part of any architectural construction, they are high on demand in the market, you can also check out the latest prices of plywoods and the prices of iron rods in the market. 



7 Most Common Types of Toilet in Nigeria.

Toilets and bathrooms are the most used facility in the world. An average person goes to the toilet 5-8 times everyday. Either he goes to deificate or urinate or for other reasons like to cry, read, or think.

You know the reason why toilets are sometimes called a restroom? It is because,after the bedroom or the living room, probably, it is the only place you can get maximum comfort pushing wastes out of your body. 

In any home or office, or other places such as organizations, workplaces, restaurants, banks, schools, and even bus stations, you are sure to find at least one or two commodes. That makes it evident to the text written in italics above: “the most used facility in the world“. People really need to go there— including yourself reading this article.

Here in Nigeria,  just like the rest of the world, we also have the toilet as one of the most facility in places like homes, offices, schools, etc. But there are types of toilet in Nigeria that is not common across the world. In this article I’ll be mentioning the types of toilet in Nigeria.

Water Closet (WC).

The WC or Water Closet is a two-piece toilet that is most used in cities and urban  settlements. Almost everyone living in the city has this type of toilet. 

From the floor, it heights around 17 inches. It has a cover and another seat layer made of plastic apart from the ceramic seat. The plastic seat makes your butt fit into the toilet as you do your thing. Also, it has a water reservoir where water is stored for flushing. The reservoir has a knob you can push downwards and it sends water to the toilet bowl to flush away your poop or urine.

According to Nigeria Data Portal, 4,292,654 people use this in Nigeria and they are mostly those who live in modern houses and cities especially.

You’ll find this type of toilets in homes, corporate offices, banks, schools, restaurants, etc.

Pit Latrine.

Popular known as shanlanga in southwestern Nigeria, it is a type of toilet that is made up of creamic pits fixed or attached onto the floor. Modern pit latrines are usually creamic with a tap attached to the wall. It has no seat and it is used in such a manner that the user has to squat, making his butt perfectly pointing at the pit it self. 

This type of toilet can be found in semi-urban towns, developing villages and some houses in the city. It can also be found in some public schools (boarding house) in Nigeria.

Approximately 14 million people use this type of toilet in Nigeria.

Public Toilet.

Public toilets are found in public places across the cities in Nigeria. They are usually located at motor parks, train stations, restaurants, shopping malls, and banks. The type of toilet found in restaurants, shopping malls and banks are usually Water Closets. Public places like motor parks, train stations and other public toilets in Lagos , for instance can either be a WC or modern pit latrine. People usually pay to use public toilets in motor parks and bus stations in Nigeria.

Plastic Bags and Nylons.

You might be a little surprised, giving me a questioning look of what is plastic bag and Nylons doing on the list of types of toilet in Nigeria. Well, this is Nigeria and when there are no toilets around people use plastic bag and nylons as alert toilet.

Although, using nylons and plastic bags is quite unhygienic, if there are no toilets around I’ll use spread a nylon upon the floor, squatting to do my thing. When I’m done I wrap it up and dispose it properly. Then, i wash my hands with soap and water.

Plastic Buckets.

Plastic Buckets are also one of the weirdest types of toilet in Nigeria. It is also used as n alternative when there are no toilets around and the person wants to do it really bad. He grabs a small plastic bucket in a private corner, sits on it and does his thing. When he’s done he cleans himself up.

Nearby Bush or Forest.

You might think this might be a dangerous type of toilet in Nigeria. Yes it is quite dangerous, but it is one of the most common , yet stranges we’ve got. It can be used as an alternative toilet when there’s no toilet nearby or it can be used as a “travel toilet”. What is meant by travel toilet is that when people travel to remote areas, they are likely to be surrounded by bushes on the road. They might also want to pee or poo so, the bush is the nearby toilet for them. 

Dug Ground.

In areas where are there are no toilets at all, like an underdeveloped settlement, people would usually dig up the ground to ease up their stomachs or bladder.


Now we’ve come to the end of  the most common types of toilet we have in Nigeria. So, whenever you visit Nigeria, you won’t be surprised at the way people ease themselves. 

7 Best Toning Creams For Fair Skin.

For fair ladies, keeping a perfect beauty has become a major objective— they’ve got to look hot and Charming. They are always looking for the best beauty products that work well for their fair skin.

If you’re a fair lady and you’re looking for the best beauty products, then you’re currently reading the right article. That’s because as a fair-skinned lady, you truly deserve to keep perfectly toned fair skin. 

It is a daunting task to maintain fair skin; unlike the ebony skin which is already melanated. 

If a fair-skinned lady is not looking fresh, then it won’t be attractive like it naturally used to be. So, if you’re fair-skinned and you want to tone your skin to perfection, then in this article, the best toning creams for fair-skinned ladies like you shall be recommended below.

Best Toning Creams for Fair Skin.

best toning creams for fair skin
KINN Living Vegan and organic body lotion photographed by Agnes Troszt

Jergens® Natural Glow Sunless Tanning Lotion.

Jergens is one of the most popular lotions for natural fairness, as well as one of the best toning creams for fair skin.

The Jergens ® Natural Glow Sunless Tanning Lotion is perfect for toning purposes. It is made of natural ingredients that work well with most fair-skinned ladies who want to get a little tan that will blend with their fairness.

Fair & White® Gold 2 Max Tone Body Lotion.

If your natural fair skin color is fading, then Fair & White ® Gold Max 2  Tone Body Lotion is one of the best toning creams to reinvigorate your fading or dull skin; it makes it glow.

The lotion contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid AHA which is known for perfect exfoliation and whitening. It also helps maintain facial beauty by reducing wrinkles, helping you defy old age.

Oriflame® Essentials Fairness Body Lotion.

Oriflame ® Essentials Fairness Body Lotion is perfect for you if you’re fair-skinned. It is on the listicle because it is recognized to be one of the best toning creams for fair skin ladies. It contains UV filters that helps keep your skin fresh, soft, and protected all day long.

Also, in the ingredients used in making Oriflame ® Essentials Fairness Body Lotion, is Pomelo extract, which is an anti-aging agent that keeps your face from wrinkles and protects it from harmful free radicals that will cause skin damage.

Fashion Fair® Special Formula Lotion.

Because Fashion Fair ® is one of the best toning creams for fair skin ladies, it usually makes enough sales—  people are rushing it— it is usually out of stock because it is preferred by many people as the best. So, if you ever find this body lotion, you’ve just got the treasure your fair skin needs because it is exceptionally good for repairing damaged skin and keeping you fair. 

One funny thing about this lotion is that once you start applying it to your skin, it should be your permanent recommended body lotion because you might notice some changes on your skin when you eventually opt-in for another one.

Nivea® Extra Whitening Cell Repair Body Lotion.

Nivea ® Extra Whitening Cell Repair Body Lotion is perfect for you if you’ve got a damaged skin cell, dull skin, and your skin suffers from overexposure; if it has become rough, spotty, and flaky. This product could be your perfect skin messiah as its milky formula has been reviewed by people to be cell-repairing. 

Also, it is just as perfect if you’re fair-skinned and want to maintain your skin fairness without getting any fairer. It is truly one of the best toning creams for fair skin. 

Aveeno® Positively Radiant Body Lotion.

I call this product the perfect cream specially made for pretty fair models. This is because it contains light diffusers and soy complex which makes your skin soft, bright, and silky. Like the Ariana Grande kind of skin— fair skin and glowing. 

One fact about Aveeno ® Positively Radiant Body Lotion is that its ingredients from Chinese herbal medicine, which makes it an excellent skin transformer and moisturizer.

Jergens® Fair Natural Fairness Body Lotion.

If you’re naturally fair-skinned and you want to tone and maintain your skin evenness, then Jergens ® Fair Natural Fairness Body Lotion is one of the best toning creams for fair skin ladies. It is known to make your skin irresistibly soft and invitingly smooth. This product is a fast—absorbing body lotion that goes deep beneath the skin’s surface to lock in moisture for 24 hours of relief. 


10 Fast Selling Products in Nigeria to Delve Into in 2021.

Now that you’ve decided to be a business person, either quitting your full-time job or as a side business, you might be wondering what products you can sell to make sales fast. Well, delving into sales business or entrepreneurship is a great idea. Even if you’re a student who wants a part time job, selling stuff is a cool way to sustain yourself as a student struggling to get a degree. In this article, Nigeria Insider has provided you with a list of fast selling products in Nigeria you can venture into in 2021. 

Although, there’s nothing really new in the products about to be mentioned below and the competition out there is very high, especially of you’re just starting out, but if you know how to tweak your way into marketplace whether online or offline, then you shall thrive and make money from whatever products you want to sell. Here are the fast selling products in Nigeria to can place your business capital on in 2021.

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Fast Selling Products in Nigeria 2021.

Electronic Products and Accessories

Thua category of products is topping the list as one or the fast selling products in Nigeria because it has been a core part of interior decor— electronics make a home or office look complete in terms of materials. So, since day one, they’ve been high in demand for home and office use. 

Most of the time electronics are used as home appliances, or they can function as power supplies, such as generators and solar inverters. 

The most common electronic products sold on a daily basis in the markets are: Plasma TVs, DVD players, Home theatres, Ceiling fans, Standing fans, etc. 

Lately, on-demand products sold on a daily basis are: washing machines, electric cookers, microwaves, ovens, Satellite Decoders and Dishes, etc.

Fashion and Beauty Products.

The fashion and beauty industry have generated billions of dollars worth of revenue across the globe for decades. Nigeria isn’t left out. This is why it is ranked second on the list of fast selling products in Nigeria. Fashion and beauty products have the potential to bring customers inundating your shop or DMs on a daily basis. Most of the time, ladies are the target audience. After all, there are more women in the world than men. And I kid you not, 8 of 10 women wants to keep their beauty for a long time by using fashion and beauty products. 

Establishing a business that is solely based on fashion and beauty products, you must be an expert in the industry, otherwise you must be a fashion geek and junkie. 

Also, you should know have an incredible social media skill, that’s why taking a course in digital marketing is essential for your business.

Moving on, you can decide to focus your business on particular fashion brands or sell different brands. Brands like: Gucci, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Off White, Balenciaga, and others are blowing the market making profitable sales for thier business owners on a daily basis. You can sell clothes, bags, shoes, totes, and other clothings.

Moving on to beauty products, which are related to fashion products, you can decide to sell skin care products, make ups, hair and wigs, as well as jewelry, perfumes and colognes. If you have enough capital you could go ahead to establish a big fashion and beauty store in any of the big markets in Nigeria. You can also put your business online. 

Health and Wellness Products.

Everyone wants to keep a tab on their health and hav near perfect health. People hate to be sick and get infected with diseases. Because of the desire people have for their health, it has caused the health industry to be one of the richest and one of the most financially funded industries in the world.

Delving into the sales of health and wellness products is common in Nigeria and one of the fast selling products in Nigeria.  Your target customer is everyone who wants good health. You should also be an expert I the health in this industry to be recognised and acknowledged. 

Exampy of fast selling products in health and wellness include: immunity boosters, energy giving products, first aid equilibrium, first aid box, sexual wellness products, food supplements, weight loss products, pain relievers, and natural herbs.

Food and Nutritional Products.

For people to survive, there must be food commodities. This is why selling food and nutrition products is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. Also, it is one of the fat selling products in Nigeria. 

Whether you you want to sell cook food— as in open a restaurant— or sell food raw materials— as in food stuff in the market, you can thrive if your business is situated in the right marketplaces and get your target customers to purchase from you.

Also, making use of social media to advertise and market your products is essential for business success.

Fast selling food products include: raw food material, snacks, dairy products, cakes and cookies, and biscuits. If you’re a student, this could be a profitable side hustle for you.


Everyday, people buy new phones and fairly used phones for their personal purposes. Whichever phone, whether new or fairly used, phones ar undoubtedly one of the fast selling products in Nigeria because of its high demand by customers (everybody). Manufacturers have long realized that people buy their products, so that don’t stop manufacturing new models every now and then.

Popular phone brands that are hitting the market right now are; iPhone, Tecno, Infinix, Samsung, Redmi, and Itel.


Computers, just like ones have also become high in demand. People have gone to buy a desktop computer or a laptop for home or office use, no doubt about that. That’s to show that it is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria as well as fast selling product.

Whether we or fairly used computers, people buy them everyday. Popular brands include: HP, Macbook, Dell, Lenovo, etc.

Phone accessories.

Coming next on the list of fast selling products in Nigeria are phone accessories. Just like phones, phone accessories are also on-demand products. Although z when people buy new phones, basic honey accessories like charger  and earpiece are featured, but there are certain phone accessories that don’t come with the box: memory cards, screen guard, extra batteries, bluetooth speaker, headphones, and others.

Computer accessories.

Just like phone accessories and computers, computer accessories are also high on-demand in the markets. Especially for office use, a printer, which is the most common computer accessory, makes a computer looks complete. Other accessories like flash drive, hardware components, softwares, laptop chargers, WiFi modems, laptop batteries, etc are being ordered for everyday. 

Baby care products.

Moving away from IT products and other related things, let’s see baby care products. Yes, baby care products have become a rapid sale because babies and mothers are the target customers. Babies are born everyday, fortunately they should be taken care of. And providing the best for them is any sane parent’s goal. Fortunately, this niche is not that saturated and if you decide to go into the business, then that’s a great idea. 

Products like toys, baby clothes, beads, baby oil, baby powder, diapers, napkin, feeding bottles, baby carriers, sweaters, shawls,baby plates and so on are cool items. 

Farm Products and Raw Materials.

The most important is food right? But almost everything produced for the purpose of survival are from agriculture farm produce. And raw materials. This part is for those of you who are farmers or partners of local farmers who produce raw materials. 

 Raw agricultural products like: Cocoa, palm kernel, leather, timber, rubber, timber, tubers, cotton, maize, cassava, etc are high on demand by companies and industries that would process them into finished products.

Where to set-up a business selling fast selling products in Nigeria.

Having giving you 10 fast selling products in Nigeria, you might be looking for how and where to start a business. I’ll be listing somw places you can establish your business or partner with traders there to help you sell for a commission.

  • Ladipo Market, Oshodi, Lagos
  • Onitsha Market (For any kind of products)
  • Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos (Best for phone, computers and their accessories)
  • Nigerian Army Shopping Arena (For any kind of products)
  • Alaba International Market (Best for Electronics).
  • Jumia, Konga, You can become a seller on these platforms as well still run a physical shop. Or you become an affiliate with your website or blog.


Starting up a business in Nigeria, you need capital of at least ₦50,000. But figuring out what products makes sales quickly is quite a conundrum to many and that’s what I’ve done in this article. However, the product that tops the list may not necessarily be the fastest selling product on Nigeria, but the product you really want to sell as an entrepreneur or business owner.



Top Companies that Buy Palm Oil in Nigeria.

Palm oil is one of the most valuable products in Nigeria as well as Africa as a whole— West Africa especially. In Nigeria, palm kernel which palm oil is made from is esteemed as the second most valuable raw material after crude oil. It is regarded as the most expensive vegetable oil plant globally because of its numerous health and home uses. 

Today Nigeria is the 5th largest producer of Palm oil globally. Also, here in Nigeria, we produce 0.9 million metric tons annually. The South-southern states of Edo and Delta are known to be the home of palm oil in Nigeria. Among the South-western states, Oyo and Osun are large producers of the Yoruba people. So, with this information, palm oil business can be easy and thriving for you.

if you’re a palm kernel farmer in Nigeria, there are big companies that would need your invaluable raw material for purchase, and this way you become a millionaire from the big-money sales you make. So, in this article, I’ll be mentioning and discussing top companies that buy palm oil in Nigeria. Here’s a list below:

1 Sunny Oil Nig. Ltd.

2 Planet Oil and Chemical Ind.Ltd. 

3 Om Oil Ind.Ltd

4 Phemson Nig Limited

5 Emily Millionaire Cosmetics

6 PS Mandrides PLC.

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Sunny Oil Nig. LTD.

Sunny Oil Nigeria Limited is one of the biggest companies that cherish palm oil in Nigeria. If you’re in connection with this company, you’re sure to make a lot of profit as a palm oil seller or palm kernel farmer. 

Sunny Oil Nigeria Limited is located in Mushih, Lagos. Apart from palm oil products, they are also known to purchase other farming produces for food production purposes.

You can get in contact with Sunny Oil Nigeria Limited: Find them here:133, Isolo Road, Mushin, Lagos State

You can reach them via +234-1-522815.

Planet Oil and Chemical Ind. LTD.

Planet Oil and Chemical Industries is an Abia-based company that is interested in the purchase of palm kernels from local farmers at an on-demand price. Then it is processed for food and oil.

Palm Kernel farmers in Abia and its catchments will be of an advantage here. You can locate them here: 4 , Aba-Enugu Expressway, Aba North, Abia

You can contact them on 0803317405.

Om Oil Ind. LTD.

If you’re a palm oil business owner around Ọgbà, Ikeja, Ifako-ijaiye, Agege, Om Oil Industries Limited is the best place for you to pitch your business to. Om Oil Industries purchases and retails palm oil and farming products and also the equipment required to process palm seeds and palm oil.

They’ve been around the Ọgbà axis for a long time. They were at Yaya Abatan before they moved to Acme Industrial Estate, Ọgbà, Ikeja Lagos.

Phemson Nig. LTD.

Phemson Nigeria Limited is located at Ìyànà Ipaja, Lagos. They are a company demanding for palm kernels and palm seeds they use in producing palm oil and Banga oil.

They are located: 176 Abeokuta Exp. Way, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos.

Emily Millionaire Cosmetics.

Emily Millionaire Cosmetics is a famous cosmetic company that uses palm products to produce the best cosmetic and beauty products for women. With this said, Emily Millionaire Cosmetics has regarded palm kernel as their on-demand products for cosmetic purposes

They are located at 11 Alapade Street, Balogun, Lagos. 

PS Mandrides PLC.

PS Mandrides PLC is a Kano-based company that buys and sells palm products from local farmers. 


Having mentioned top companies that buy Palm oil in Nigeria, as a local farmers in any part of the country you should know how to market your farm products to big clients for supply. That’s why putting your business on the internet and learning basic business ideas is very crucial. 


Source: Nigeria Insider


Printer Cartridge Prices in Nigeria

Printer Cartridges are also known as ink cartridges or inkjet cartridges. A printer cartridge is what you find in an inkjet printer. It contains the ink that is deposited onto a paper during printing. In this article, we’ll talk about printer cartridges prices in Nigeria and legit places where you can buy them from in Nigeria. You can also check out the price of A4 paper in Nigeria 

Where to buy printer cartridges in Nigeria.

Below, I’ll list ten places where you can buy printer cartridges and compare the prices that suit your budget. 

1 Computer Village

2 Alaba International Market

3 Nigeria Army Shopping Arena

4 Ladipo Market, Oshodi

5 Jumia

6 Konga.


Printer Cartridge Prices in Nigeria.

Coming down to the main article, we’ll look at printer cartridge prices in Nigeria using the above locations mentioned above. This is because these places have the most recognized shops and stores where you can buy original computer accessories without having to complain. 

Printer Cartridge Prices in Computer Village.

Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos is arguably the biggest and the most popular tech market in Africa. It is regarded as the largest ICT market in Africa. 98% percent of the products sold at computer village are ICT products; they are also original and certified. So, in few words, you will surely get a printer cartridge in computer village. 

Printer cartridge prices in computer village vary on the shop or the seller. Not everyone has the same price, but averagely the prices are between ₦16,000 to ₦25,000. Some printer cartridge prices in computer village are listed below:

HP 951XL Magnets OfficeJet Ink Cartridge = ₦16,000

HP OfficeJet 951XL Cyan Ink Cartridge = ₦16,000

HP 56A Black Original LaserJet Toner Cartridge = ₦21,000

Genuine HP 55A LaserJet Toner Cartridge = ₦27,500

HP 42A Black Original LaserJet Toner Cartridge = ₦25,000.


Printer Cartridge Prices in Alaba International Market.

Alaba International Market, Badagry Expressway is one of the largest markets in Africa for home electronics and appliances. It is also a joke for tech products and tech repair services.

Printer cartridge prices here range from ₦16,000 to ₦30,000.

Printer Cartridge Prices in Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Oshodi Lagos.

Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Oshodi Lagos is also a large market owned by the Nigerian Army. Apart from home products, clothes, shoes, foodstuff, it also has a section where they deal in ICT products and tech-related gadgets and appliances and gizmos and thingies. 

Printer prices on HP usually depend on the shops and sellers. ₦16,000-₦27,000

Printer Cartridge Price on Jumia.

Jumia is the number one online marketplace in Africa. You can buy anything on Jumia and get ideas of prices of anything you want to buy. Printer Cartridge Prices on Jumia ranges from ₦6,000 to ₦35,000. Below are a few prices of printer cartridges on Jumia.

1 HP 123 Black Ink Cartridge F6V17AE ₦7,000

2 HP 123 Tri Color Ink Cartridge F6V16AE ₦7,900

3 HP 652 Tri Color Ink Advantage Cartridge ₦7,000

4 HP 652 Black Ink Advantage Cartridge F6V25AE BHK ₦9,000

5 HP 216 A Magenta toner- W2413A ₦ 28,850. 

Visit Jumia printer cartridge page for more prices and best deals.

Printer Cartridge Prices on Konga.

Konga is second to Jumia as one of the biggest online marketplaces in Africa. Printer cartridge prices on Jumia ranges from ₦6,000 to ₦32,000. You can check Konga printer cartridge prices page for prices that suit your budget and the best deals.


Hello, beloved readers of Nigeria Insider, this is Rotimi Artful, and in this article, I’ll be providing you a list of HP Offices in Nigeria where you can get help when you have problems with your HP laptop. Also, in these offices I’m about to mention, you can purchase HP laptops direct from HP, as well as get technical support from expert engineers when you have problems with your laptop.

It is known globally that Hewlett Packard’s, HP is one of the best manufactures of computers, laptops, and other computer accessories in the world. Their product is always classic and first-class. So, if you see HP laptops or computer prices stand out in the market, it’s definitely worth it. In fact, in many corporate offices, HP computers are always used because of their standard and quality in performance.

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List of HP offices in Lagos

Physical & Postal address:

HP Computing and Printing Nigeria Limited

5th Floor, Mulliner Towers

39 Alfred Rewane Road

Ikoyi, Lagos


Authorized HP Service Center, Ikeja Lagos.

Location: Obafemi Awolowo House, 29/31 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

Contact: 08149836904


Authorised HP Service Center, Lekki Phase 1.

Location: Nelle Mall, 13 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1.

Contact: 08166210168.

List of HP Offices in Abuja

Address 1 Abuja Office

Suite 301B, A.A Zauro Plaza, Ahmadu Bello Way, Opposite Shema Filling Station, after NAF Center, Abuja FCT, Nigeria.

Tel: 08146063123.


Address 2 Abuja Office

Plot 765c, Samuel Ademulegun Street, besides Arewa suites, Masallachi junction, Central Business District, Abuja FCT, Nigeria.

Phone: 08146063123, 

HP Office in Port Harcourt.

36 Isiokpo Street, D/Line, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Contact HP Offices in Africa


Kizz Daniel — born on May 1st, 1994 as Olúwatóbiloba Daniel Anidugbe is a Nigerian recording artist, songwriter, and performer. He emerged into the limelight when he released one of his earliest hit singles Woju on September 1, 2014, which was chart-topping and regarded by many as one of the hottest singles of 2014.

In 2017, he established the Fly Boy Inc record label, having left G-Worldwide Entertainment due to a contract misunderstanding and a court case. 

kizz daniel net wirth

Biography— Kizz Daniel’s Early Life

Born Olúwatóbiloba Daniel Anidugbe on May 1, 1994 into the family or Mr and Mrs Kola Anidugbe in Abeokuta, Ogun State. He is a native of Abeokuta North Local Government Area in Ogun State. He was raised alongside his four younger siblings in his birth and hometown, Abeokuta. 

He attended Abeokuta Grammar School and went ahead to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Water Resources Management and Agrometeorology at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, FUNAAB where he graduated in 2013. While studying to earn a degree at the university, he went ahead to pursue a career in music.

Kizz Daniel’s Music Career

So far, Kizz Daniel has had an awesome career in music and has won different awards in various categories. He has also been nominated quite a number of times. In other words, he’s having a successful music career at the moment.

When he was about to graduate from the university in 2013, he already took music as a serious business. Fresh out of the university, he was fortunate to have met Emperor Geezy, the CEO of G-Worldwide Entertainment. With Emperor Geezy’s record label G-Worldwide Entertainment, his music career began officially. He released his first single titled Shoye in 2014. The song marked the beginning of his professional career in music.

Subsequently, Woju was released on September 1, 2014, which was regarded as one of the hottest hit singles of the year. Woju brought Kizz Daniel into stardom and he became a celebrity— Woju became Kizz Daniel’s masterpiece. The song was nominated in the Hottest Singles Category in 2015, also it became part of the top 10 playlists on the MTV Base Official Naija for 11 weeks and later became top of the playlist where it remained for another 6 weeks.

The following year which was 2015, he released his third hit singles on his birthday in May titled Laye. Two weeks later, he shot the video for Late in different parts of East Africa. It was shot and directed by AJE FILMS.

Kizz Daniel released his debut studio album on May 14, 2016 titled NEW ERA. The debut album features Woju, Laye, and other hits of his early professional career.

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Kizz Daniel’s Split from G-Worldwide Entertainment and the Emergence of Fly Boy Inc Record Label.

Towards the peak of his career when everyone thought Kizz Daniel was having a good career at Emperor Geezy’s Record Label G-Worldwide Entertainment, a controversy broke out between Kizz Daniel and the record label’s CEO, Emperor Geezy. Accusations, as well as different news stories began to spread across social media and the internet. 

It was alleged that a meager amount of money was paid to Kizz as a monthly salary while at G-Worldwide Entertainment. Both parties resolve the issue as well as other charges which Kizz was pronounced not guilty at the Lagos State High Court and the Afro-Pop singer broke away from G-Worldwide Entertainment and went ahead to establish the Fly Boy Inc Record Label in November 2017.

Kizz Daniel Net Worth.

Over the years, Afro-Pop singer, Kizz Daniel has worked really hard pursuing a bright and professional music career. The hard work has been paying off by him winning awards and nominations. As of 2020, Kizz Daniel is worth over $1million dollars. Although not Forbes verified, he is regarded by many as one of the richest musicians in Nigeria. His rise to fame and wealth happened within a period of 5 years, despite the challenges he had to face when he was leaving his former record label G-Worldwide Entertainment. 

After leaving G-Worldwide Entertainment, Kizz Daniel went ahead to establish his own record label which he named Fly Boy Inc. This record label added to his net worth as well as his first endorsement deals with Hennessy. 

Currently, he charges over 1.3 million naira per show.

In this post, you’ll be informed about nursing schools in Nigeria and their school fees.

Nursing is one of the noblest professions in Nigeria. Because of its nobleness, this also makes it one of the noblest professions in the world. Nurses, just like doctors work in institutions of health and hospitals; their major responsibilities are similar to that of the doctor’s. They work side by side. They care for the sick and save lives. 

Nurses who are certified must have gone through professional training on health, human behavior, psychology, as well as core science fields like Biology, Chemistry, and Health Education. Sometimes to be a registered nurse in Nigeria, you must have studied or taken courses in Maths and Physics.

If you’re reading this article, then surely you’ve been looking for details on school of nursing fees in Nigeria as well as how to get into nursing schools in Nigeria. So, in this article, you’ll be well informed on the details you need to know about school of nursing fees in Nigeria. But before I go there, let me give you a short or basic detail or information to be a registered nurse in Nigeria.

As a nursing candidate, you should know that the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN) is the umbrella body or the controlling body regulating the nursing profession in Nigeria.

Thousand of candidates are willing to pursue a career in nursing every year, therefore, to get admitted into nursing schools is quite competitive.

Admission Requirements to Study Nursing in Nigeria

In this section of this article, you’ll be informed on the basic requirements you must possess to study nursing in Nigeria.

Schools of nursing candidates across Nigeria must meet the following:

A minimum of 5 credits in 5 subjects including English, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, and any other health related subjects in not more than two sittings.

There are two ways to studying nursing and getting certified as a nurse: 

  1. You can apply for a nursing program in schools of health or schools of nursing across Nigeria. The program is usually a three-year program, and upon completion, you take a professional exam conducted by the controlling body of certified nurses, Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria, NMCN.
  2. The second option is to pursue a 5-year degree program in Nursing where you’ll be trained at the University’s teaching hospital or school of health. When you’re done, you take an exam conducted by the controlling body NMCN and the West Africa Health Examination Board WAHEB. Then you’ll be a registered and certified nurse with a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing.

Factors to Consider When Applying to Study in a Nursing School in Nigeria

There are certain factors you need to consider when you are about choosing the nursing school of your choice in Nigeria. They are:

  • The rank of the school in tertiary institution’ webometrics
  • The expensiveness of the tuition fees (if you can afford it).
  • NUC approval and accreditation
  • Admissions requirements
  • Location of the school.

Schools of Nursing in Nigeria and Their School Fees

Now we’ve come to the section where you’ll be informed about the best schools of nursing across Nigeria and information about their school fees. However, if you would choose any of the nursing schools mentioned below, you should always budget above whatever school fees you would see because of other expenses apart from the normal tuition fees. 

University of Nigeria School of Nursing, Nsukka. 

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka UNN is one of the most prestigious and noble tertiary institutions in the country today. Because of its prestige, it is currently ranked among the best 10 universities in Nigeria, according to web rankings.

University of Nigeria School of Nursing isn’t left out on the prestige as it is recognized as one of the oldest and best nursing schools in Nigeria. This nursing school has one of the best facilities to train would be certified nurses. It offers prospective candidates a 5-year bachelor’s degree program in Nursing.

The school fee for the University of Nigeria School of Nursing is stated below:

  • First year: ₦64,450
  • Second year: ₦45,750
  • Third year: ₦40,650
  • Fourth year: ₦40,650
  • Fifth year: ₦40,200

University College Hospital School of Nursing, Ibadan

The University of Ibadan, apart from it’s honorable prestige as the best University in Nigeria as well as the one of the bests in Africa, it also has one of the best college hospitals (University College Hospital) that has, for a long time produced world class health care practitioners including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. 

Just as mentioned above, it has the best University College Hospital. In this University College Hospital, there’s a world class nursing school, which offers a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. The tuition fee structure is not less than ₦250,000 per annum.

School of Nursing, Lagos University Teaching Hospital LUTH

The Lagos University Teaching Hospital is the college hospital for the University of Lagos. This college hospital is one of the most prestigious college hospitals in Nigeria as well as in West Africa. Its School of Nursing has the full support of the college hospital as well as the parent institution, University of Lagos. The tuition fee for nursing students is usually ₦250,00 per annum. It runs a three-year program for prospective candidates who would choose the school.

School of Nursing, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital OAUTH, Ilé-Ife

To start with, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, aka Great Ìfẹ is regarded as the University that offers education with prestige and has the campus with the most beautiful sight with the most obscure architecture. 

Also, it has the most prestigious college hospital in the country, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital which also houses the best Schools of Nursing in the country. OAUTH School of Nursing offers a three-year program in Nursing for students who eventually graduate to be one of the most qualified nurses in the universe. Their tuition fee is ₦200,000 per annum.

FCT School of Nursing, Gwagwalada, Abuja.

Popular known School of Nursing, Gwagwalada, it is one of the most sought schools if Nursing in Northern Nigeria. In fact, it is the most prestigious stand-alone school of nursing in the northern Nigeria because of its robust curriculum that takes care of education in professional nursing and ita location in the administrative city of Nigeria. The school located at the University of Abuja, Gwagwalada, Abuja. It offers a three-year programme in nursing and their tuition fee is often less than ₦200,000 every year.

Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing, Zaria, Kaduna.

Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital has produced the best medical practitioners in the country for over a decade. Ita School of Nursing is not left behind as one of the most prestigious schools of nursing in Nigeria. It has all the facilities to give the best of intensive training to a budding nurse who would later be qualified upon graduation. 

Just like most nursing schools, it offers a three-year program in nursing to students. And the tuition fees per session is ₦200,000 excluding other fees.

School of Nursing, University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Benin.

The School of Nursing at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital is one of the most competitive and prestigious schools of nursing in Nigeria. It’s in the same rank as other college hospitals like OAUTH, LUTH, UCH, etc. This is because it also has what it takes to train a world-class nurse. It offers a three-year program. It’s tuition fee per session is close to ₦200,000 including hostel fee and stationery.

ECWA School of Nursing, Egbe, Kogi.

ECWA school of nursing in Egbe, Kogi State is also among the top prestigious institutions of health in the country. It has a conducive environment for learning as well as the latest facilities that will aid modern education. Every session, the tuition fee is not less than ₦200,000.

School of Nursing, Akure, Ondo.

This school of nursing, just like others is one of the most competitive and most sought in Yoruba land. This school is prestigious enough to train future work class nurses that would be able to display their expertise anywhere in the world. The tuition fee per session is ₦250,000.

School of Nursing, Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital.

Just like its other university counterparts, it is managed by the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, which is also parented by the Ekiti State University. The Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital has produced, for nearly a decade world-class medical practitioners including nurses, doctors, pharmacists, etc. It is known for its conducive environment for learning as well expert tutors. Fresh students on entry-level are expected to budget ₦260k for school fees. This is excluding accommodation, stationery, and other miscellaneous expenses. 

Basic Nursing Science Programme: Admissions Requirements.

Usually, nursing students spend 5 years studying for the award of Bachelors of Nursing Science. Candidates applying to study nursing in a university teaching hospital must have written UTME conducted by JAMB. Also he must have 5 credit passes in SSCE including English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Candidates must also meet the requirements of the institution he/she is applying to.


Now we’ve come to the end of the article. You should note that nursing is one of the most competitive courses to study as well as one of the most rewarding professions in the world. This profession is usually backed with opportunities within and outside the country. This is because they are one of the most essential personnels I the healthcare industry. 

Now you’ve known the school fees of few of the best nursing schools in Nigeria. Also remember to consider location when choosing any nursing school of your choice.



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