Printer Cartridge Prices in Nigeria

Printer Cartridges are also known as ink cartridges or inkjet cartridges. A printer cartridge is what you find in an inkjet printer. It contains the ink that is deposited onto a paper during printing. In this article, we’ll talk about printer cartridges prices in Nigeria and legit places where you can buy them from in Nigeria. You can also check out the price of A4 paper in Nigeria 

Where to buy printer cartridges in Nigeria.

Below, I’ll list ten places where you can buy printer cartridges and compare the prices that suit your budget. 

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1 Computer Village

2 Alaba International Market

3 Nigeria Army Shopping Arena

4 Ladipo Market, Oshodi

5 Jumia

6 Konga.


Printer Cartridge Prices in Nigeria.

Coming down to the main article, we’ll look at printer cartridge prices in Nigeria using the above locations mentioned above. This is because these places have the most recognized shops and stores where you can buy original computer accessories without having to complain. 

Printer Cartridge Prices in Computer Village.

Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos is arguably the biggest and the most popular tech market in Africa. It is regarded as the largest ICT market in Africa. 98% percent of the products sold at computer village are ICT products; they are also original and certified. So, in few words, you will surely get a printer cartridge in computer village. 

Printer cartridge prices in computer village vary on the shop or the seller. Not everyone has the same price, but averagely the prices are between ₦16,000 to ₦25,000. Some printer cartridge prices in computer village are listed below:

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HP 951XL Magnets OfficeJet Ink Cartridge = ₦16,000

HP OfficeJet 951XL Cyan Ink Cartridge = ₦16,000

HP 56A Black Original LaserJet Toner Cartridge = ₦21,000

Genuine HP 55A LaserJet Toner Cartridge = ₦27,500

HP 42A Black Original LaserJet Toner Cartridge = ₦25,000.


Printer Cartridge Prices in Alaba International Market.

Alaba International Market, Badagry Expressway is one of the largest markets in Africa for home electronics and appliances. It is also a joke for tech products and tech repair services.

Printer cartridge prices here range from ₦16,000 to ₦30,000.

Printer Cartridge Prices in Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Oshodi Lagos.

Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Oshodi Lagos is also a large market owned by the Nigerian Army. Apart from home products, clothes, shoes, foodstuff, it also has a section where they deal in ICT products and tech-related gadgets and appliances and gizmos and thingies. 

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Printer prices on HP usually depend on the shops and sellers. ₦16,000-₦27,000

Printer Cartridge Price on Jumia.

Jumia is the number one online marketplace in Africa. You can buy anything on Jumia and get ideas of prices of anything you want to buy. Printer Cartridge Prices on Jumia ranges from ₦6,000 to ₦35,000. Below are a few prices of printer cartridges on Jumia.

1 HP 123 Black Ink Cartridge F6V17AE ₦7,000

2 HP 123 Tri Color Ink Cartridge F6V16AE ₦7,900

3 HP 652 Tri Color Ink Advantage Cartridge ₦7,000

4 HP 652 Black Ink Advantage Cartridge F6V25AE BHK ₦9,000

5 HP 216 A Magenta toner- W2413A ₦ 28,850. 

Visit Jumia printer cartridge page for more prices and best deals.

Printer Cartridge Prices on Konga.

Konga is second to Jumia as one of the biggest online marketplaces in Africa. Printer cartridge prices on Jumia ranges from ₦6,000 to ₦32,000. You can check Konga printer cartridge prices page for prices that suit your budget and the best deals.



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