The prices of iron rods in Nigeria will be of much importance to real estates CEOs, agents and anyone who intends to build in the near future.

This will enable you to draw an accurate budget for the entire project. In this article, we are going to make known to you the price of iron rods in Nigeria and where to get the best deals.

If you are a building contractor, house owner or plumber looking for iron rod price in Nigeria as well as the types, then you are at the right place.

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At Nigeria Insider we are particular about bringing you the accurate estimated prices of the things most people want to know about.

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What are the types of iron rods available in Nigeria?

Iron rods come in different sizes and shapes. The construction project you are embarking on will actually determine the type of iron rod you’ll need.
It is always recommended that you consult a building contractor if you lack knowledge about the types of iron rods.

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iron rod price
iron rod price

Price of Iron Rod in Nigeria 2021

Note: The prices listed here may differ from the current market price. Speak with a building contractor for expert advice.

This is the general price of iron rods in most construction stores in Nigeria. We have also listed the price at specific shops below.

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8MM 210 ₦1,300
10MM 134 ₦1,800
12MM 93 ₦2,500
16M 52 ₦4,500
20MM 34 ₦6,900
25MM 21 ₦11,90
6MM ₦1,900

Current Price of 12mm Iron Rod in Nigeria 2021

The current price per ton of 12mm iron rod is ₦390,000. This price is subjected to change and may differ among different suppliers.

All Questions Answered

What is the price of 12 mm iron rod in Nigeria 2021?

The unit price of a 12mm iron rod in Nigeria costs an average of ₦2,500. A tone has 93 pieces. The price of a tonne of 12mm iron rod is ₦232,500

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  1. Good Afternoon, pls I need 1 1/2 ton each of 12mm & 16mm of iron rod and I like to know the price.
    My site is at Ifo Ogun State

  2. Isaac newton Reply

    Want to Kno the prices of the various iron rods you have eg 20mm 16mm 12mm 10mm 8mm and binding wire 20 kg

  3. I need a ton of 12mm rod. But before then let me know the current price please. From Army Command(Dog Training Centre), Ipaja, Lagos.

  4. I need the current prices of 12mm, 16mm and 8mm. From Ughelli

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