10 Fast Selling Products in Nigeria to Delve Into in 2021.

Now that you’ve decided to be a business person, either quitting your full-time job or as a side business, you might be wondering what products you can sell to make sales fast. Well, delving into sales business or entrepreneurship is a great idea. Even if you’re a student who wants a part time job, selling stuff is a cool way to sustain yourself as a student struggling to get a degree. In this article, Nigeria Insider has provided you with a list of fast selling products in Nigeria you can venture into in 2021. 

Although, there’s nothing really new in the products about to be mentioned below and the competition out there is very high, especially of you’re just starting out, but if you know how to tweak your way into marketplace whether online or offline, then you shall thrive and make money from whatever products you want to sell. Here are the fast selling products in Nigeria to can place your business capital on in 2021.

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Fast Selling Products in Nigeria 2021.

Electronic Products and Accessories

Thua category of products is topping the list as one or the fast selling products in Nigeria because it has been a core part of interior decor— electronics make a home or office look complete in terms of materials. So, since day one, they’ve been high in demand for home and office use. 

Most of the time electronics are used as home appliances, or they can function as power supplies, such as generators and solar inverters. 

The most common electronic products sold on a daily basis in the markets are: Plasma TVs, DVD players, Home theatres, Ceiling fans, Standing fans, etc. 

Lately, on-demand products sold on a daily basis are: washing machines, electric cookers, microwaves, ovens, Satellite Decoders and Dishes, etc.

Fashion and Beauty Products.

The fashion and beauty industry have generated billions of dollars worth of revenue across the globe for decades. Nigeria isn’t left out. This is why it is ranked second on the list of fast selling products in Nigeria. Fashion and beauty products have the potential to bring customers inundating your shop or DMs on a daily basis. Most of the time, ladies are the target audience. After all, there are more women in the world than men. And I kid you not, 8 of 10 women wants to keep their beauty for a long time by using fashion and beauty products. 

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Establishing a business that is solely based on fashion and beauty products, you must be an expert in the industry, otherwise you must be a fashion geek and junkie. 

Also, you should know have an incredible social media skill, that’s why taking a course in digital marketing is essential for your business.

Moving on, you can decide to focus your business on particular fashion brands or sell different brands. Brands like: Gucci, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Off White, Balenciaga, and others are blowing the market making profitable sales for thier business owners on a daily basis. You can sell clothes, bags, shoes, totes, and other clothings.

Moving on to beauty products, which are related to fashion products, you can decide to sell skin care products, make ups, hair and wigs, as well as jewelry, perfumes and colognes. If you have enough capital you could go ahead to establish a big fashion and beauty store in any of the big markets in Nigeria. You can also put your business online. 

Health and Wellness Products.

Everyone wants to keep a tab on their health and hav near perfect health. People hate to be sick and get infected with diseases. Because of the desire people have for their health, it has caused the health industry to be one of the richest and one of the most financially funded industries in the world.

Delving into the sales of health and wellness products is common in Nigeria and one of the fast selling products in Nigeria.  Your target customer is everyone who wants good health. You should also be an expert I the health in this industry to be recognised and acknowledged. 

Exampy of fast selling products in health and wellness include: immunity boosters, energy giving products, first aid equilibrium, first aid box, sexual wellness products, food supplements, weight loss products, pain relievers, and natural herbs.

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Food and Nutritional Products.

For people to survive, there must be food commodities. This is why selling food and nutrition products is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. Also, it is one of the fat selling products in Nigeria. 

Whether you you want to sell cook food— as in open a restaurant— or sell food raw materials— as in food stuff in the market, you can thrive if your business is situated in the right marketplaces and get your target customers to purchase from you.

Also, making use of social media to advertise and market your products is essential for business success.

Fast selling food products include: raw food material, snacks, dairy products, cakes and cookies, and biscuits. If you’re a student, this could be a profitable side hustle for you.


Everyday, people buy new phones and fairly used phones for their personal purposes. Whichever phone, whether new or fairly used, phones ar undoubtedly one of the fast selling products in Nigeria because of its high demand by customers (everybody). Manufacturers have long realized that people buy their products, so that don’t stop manufacturing new models every now and then.

Popular phone brands that are hitting the market right now are; iPhone, Tecno, Infinix, Samsung, Redmi, and Itel.


Computers, just like ones have also become high in demand. People have gone to buy a desktop computer or a laptop for home or office use, no doubt about that. That’s to show that it is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria as well as fast selling product.

Whether we or fairly used computers, people buy them everyday. Popular brands include: HP, Macbook, Dell, Lenovo, etc.

Phone accessories.

Coming next on the list of fast selling products in Nigeria are phone accessories. Just like phones, phone accessories are also on-demand products. Although z when people buy new phones, basic honey accessories like charger  and earpiece are featured, but there are certain phone accessories that don’t come with the box: memory cards, screen guard, extra batteries, bluetooth speaker, headphones, and others.

Computer accessories.

Just like phone accessories and computers, computer accessories are also high on-demand in the markets. Especially for office use, a printer, which is the most common computer accessory, makes a computer looks complete. Other accessories like flash drive, hardware components, softwares, laptop chargers, WiFi modems, laptop batteries, etc are being ordered for everyday. 

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Baby care products.

Moving away from IT products and other related things, let’s see baby care products. Yes, baby care products have become a rapid sale because babies and mothers are the target customers. Babies are born everyday, fortunately they should be taken care of. And providing the best for them is any sane parent’s goal. Fortunately, this niche is not that saturated and if you decide to go into the business, then that’s a great idea. 

Products like toys, baby clothes, beads, baby oil, baby powder, diapers, napkin, feeding bottles, baby carriers, sweaters, shawls,baby plates and so on are cool items. 

Farm Products and Raw Materials.

The most important is food right? But almost everything produced for the purpose of survival are from agriculture farm produce. And raw materials. This part is for those of you who are farmers or partners of local farmers who produce raw materials. 

 Raw agricultural products like: Cocoa, palm kernel, leather, timber, rubber, timber, tubers, cotton, maize, cassava, etc are high on demand by companies and industries that would process them into finished products.

Where to set-up a business selling fast selling products in Nigeria.

Having giving you 10 fast selling products in Nigeria, you might be looking for how and where to start a business. I’ll be listing somw places you can establish your business or partner with traders there to help you sell for a commission.

  • Ladipo Market, Oshodi, Lagos
  • Onitsha Market (For any kind of products)
  • Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos (Best for phone, computers and their accessories)
  • Nigerian Army Shopping Arena (For any kind of products)
  • Alaba International Market (Best for Electronics).
  • Jumia, Konga, JiJi.ng: You can become a seller on these platforms as well still run a physical shop. Or you become an affiliate with your website or blog.


Starting up a business in Nigeria, you need capital of at least ₦50,000. But figuring out what products makes sales quickly is quite a conundrum to many and that’s what I’ve done in this article. However, the product that tops the list may not necessarily be the fastest selling product on Nigeria, but the product you really want to sell as an entrepreneur or business owner.




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