7 Most Common Types of Toilet in Nigeria.

Toilets and bathrooms are the most used facility in the world. An average person goes to the toilet 5-8 times everyday. Either he goes to deificate or urinate or for other reasons like to cry, read, or think.

You know the reason why toilets are sometimes called a restroom? It is because,after the bedroom or the living room, probably, it is the only place you can get maximum comfort pushing wastes out of your body. 

In any home or office, or other places such as organizations, workplaces, restaurants, banks, schools, and even bus stations, you are sure to find at least one or two commodes. That makes it evident to the text written in italics above: “the most used facility in the world“. People really need to go there— including yourself reading this article.

Here in Nigeria,  just like the rest of the world, we also have the toilet as one of the most facility in places like homes, offices, schools, etc. But there are types of toilet in Nigeria that is not common across the world. In this article I’ll be mentioning the types of toilet in Nigeria.

Water Closet (WC).

The WC or Water Closet is a two-piece toilet that is most used in cities and urban  settlements. Almost everyone living in the city has this type of toilet. 

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From the floor, it heights around 17 inches. It has a cover and another seat layer made of plastic apart from the ceramic seat. The plastic seat makes your butt fit into the toilet as you do your thing. Also, it has a water reservoir where water is stored for flushing. The reservoir has a knob you can push downwards and it sends water to the toilet bowl to flush away your poop or urine.

According to Nigeria Data Portal, 4,292,654 people use this in Nigeria and they are mostly those who live in modern houses and cities especially.

You’ll find this type of toilets in homes, corporate offices, banks, schools, restaurants, etc.

Pit Latrine.

Popular known as shanlanga in southwestern Nigeria, it is a type of toilet that is made up of creamic pits fixed or attached onto the floor. Modern pit latrines are usually creamic with a tap attached to the wall. It has no seat and it is used in such a manner that the user has to squat, making his butt perfectly pointing at the pit it self. 

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This type of toilet can be found in semi-urban towns, developing villages and some houses in the city. It can also be found in some public schools (boarding house) in Nigeria.

Approximately 14 million people use this type of toilet in Nigeria.

Public Toilet.

Public toilets are found in public places across the cities in Nigeria. They are usually located at motor parks, train stations, restaurants, shopping malls, and banks. The type of toilet found in restaurants, shopping malls and banks are usually Water Closets. Public places like motor parks, train stations and other public toilets in Lagos , for instance can either be a WC or modern pit latrine. People usually pay to use public toilets in motor parks and bus stations in Nigeria.

Plastic Bags and Nylons.

You might be a little surprised, giving me a questioning look of what is plastic bag and Nylons doing on the list of types of toilet in Nigeria. Well, this is Nigeria and when there are no toilets around people use plastic bag and nylons as alert toilet.

Although, using nylons and plastic bags is quite unhygienic, if there are no toilets around I’ll use spread a nylon upon the floor, squatting to do my thing. When I’m done I wrap it up and dispose it properly. Then, i wash my hands with soap and water.

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Plastic Buckets.

Plastic Buckets are also one of the weirdest types of toilet in Nigeria. It is also used as n alternative when there are no toilets around and the person wants to do it really bad. He grabs a small plastic bucket in a private corner, sits on it and does his thing. When he’s done he cleans himself up.

Nearby Bush or Forest.

You might think this might be a dangerous type of toilet in Nigeria. Yes it is quite dangerous, but it is one of the most common , yet stranges we’ve got. It can be used as an alternative toilet when there’s no toilet nearby or it can be used as a “travel toilet”. What is meant by travel toilet is that when people travel to remote areas, they are likely to be surrounded by bushes on the road. They might also want to pee or poo so, the bush is the nearby toilet for them. 

Dug Ground.

In areas where are there are no toilets at all, like an underdeveloped settlement, people would usually dig up the ground to ease up their stomachs or bladder.


Now we’ve come to the end of  the most common types of toilet we have in Nigeria. So, whenever you visit Nigeria, you won’t be surprised at the way people ease themselves. 


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