The West African Franc CFA is the official currency of the francophone countries in West Africa. The exchange between the CFA Franc and the Naira is really no big difference lately, but if your business or trade is centered between both currencies, then you might want to know how to calculate Naira to West African Franc CFA.

I would like to highlight more about How To Calculate Naira To West African Franc CFA for you.

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Many Nigerians go to trade or do business in Benin Republic, Cameroon, Togo, Ivory Coast and other Francophone West African countries. And when they do so, they are likely to receive their income in West African Franc CFA. If you’re one of the individuals who would do business trading between the CFA and Naira, then you should know that as at today Saturday, May 1st 2021 the exchange rate is ₦0.89 which is equivalent to 1CFA on then black market. Then coming to the official exchange rate by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN and the Forex Market, the price is ₦0.70=1CFA. So if you want to convert 100,000 CFA to naira, then it will be calculated as 100,000 CFA multiplied by ₦0.70, using the official exchange rate, it is then equals to ₦70,000.

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On the other way round, 100,000 Naira is equivalent to ₦1 Naira is equivalent to 1.33 West African Franc CFA. Therefore, ₦100,000 will be calculated to 133,00 CFA.


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