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If your business revolves around using the Nigerian Naira and the British Currency Pounds Sterling, then you might be wondering how to calculate Naira to Pounds Sterling. And in this post, I’ll show you just that. But first let’s talk about the how worthy the Pounds Sterling is to Naira and how Naira is worth in 1 Pound £.

In our today’s latest post from Nigeria Insider, I would love to share with you on How to Calculate Pounds Sterling to Naira.

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The British Pounds Sterling has so much worth that is the fourth most traded currency on the Forex Trading market after the US Dollar, Euro, and the Japanese Yen. It is also the one of the oldest— if not the oldest currency spent in North Western European countries.

Coming down to the Nigerian currency and the Pounds Sterling exchange rate with it, the Pounds Sterling has so much worth if placed side-by-side with the Naira. As at today Friday 30, April 2021 1 Pound £ is currently worth ₦675 on the black market, while the official exchange rate according to the Central Bank of Nigeria is ₦524.62. Then ₦1 is equivalent to £0.0019 (CBN Exchange Rate). What a big difference.

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That’s by the way. If you trade between the Naira and Pounds Sterling currencies, then you would want to know how to calculate Pounds Sterling to Naira. It’s simple math—just multiplication. You multiply the amount of Pounds Sterling you want to convert to it’s worth in Naira. For example if 1 Pound £ is equivalent to ₦524.62, then £100 would be multiplied by 524.62, which equals to ₦52,461.66.

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