baze university courses and fees

Baze University is a private university located in Abuja, Nigeria. It was established in 2011 and offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a variety of fields.


The tuition fees for Baze University vary depending on the program and the student’s nationality. For Nigerian students, the tuition fees for undergraduate programs range from NGN 1,000,000 to NGN 1,663,750 per semester. For postgraduate programs, the tuition fees range from NGN 1,070,000 to NGN 1,340,000 per semester.

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Here are some of the courses offered at Baze University:




Business Administration

Computer Science



Medicine and Surgery



Public Administration




Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Science (Msc) in Accounting

Master of Science (Msc) in Computer Science

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Master of Science (Msc) in Economics

Master of Science (Msc) in Law

Master of Science (Msc) in Nursing

Master of Science (Msc) in Pharmacy

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Master of Psychology (MPsy)

In addition to tuition fees, students at Baze University are also required to pay other fees, such as registration fees, examination fees, and hostel fees. The total cost of attending Baze University will vary depending on the student’s program and choices.


Here are some of the other fees that students at Baze University may be required to pay:

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Registration fee: NGN 50,000

Examination fee: NGN 20,000

Hostel fee: NGN 60,000 per semester (for males) or NGN 90,000 per semester (for females)

Laundry fee: NGN 10,000 per semester

Other miscellaneous fees: NGN 10,000 per semester



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