Knowing the Conversion Rates for each and every country is very necessary, since you will be travelling to anywhere in the world one day and use the currency of that country — for buying and exchange.

You can be either a United States citizen wanting to travel and come to Nigeria, or a Nigerian citizen who is about to travel to the United States but don’t know much about the currency of which you would love to know how to convert the US Dollar into Nigeria Naira.

You can be a digital marketer in Nigeria and want to receive payment from USA but wondering how much money you shall receive in Naira. Well, This article got you covered.

In our today’s article on Nigeria Insider, I would like to give you the full overview of how to convert the US Dollar to the Nigerian Naira — without much stress involved. Check out below for more.

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The US Dollar is arguably the most spent and the most used or more hyperbolic, the most valuable currency in the world today. It has so much value, not in terms of how worthy it is side-by-side other currencies, but because of the power the US holds on to in the world. Almost everything that has price is calculated in dollars today.

In in Nigeria, the worth of the US dollar is quite high today. As at today Friday April 30, 2021, 1 US Dollar is currently worth ₦380.50 according to the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN. But the other way round, 1 Naira is equivalent to 0.0026 dollar. This is far from a single US Dollar.

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Many Nigerians might be happy with the current exchange rate between the Naira and the US Dollar, but not the common who cannot afford basic things because the Dollar has spiked in inflation, making the Naira almost worthless.

As an individual who does his business between the US Dollar and the Nigerian Naira.

In this article, I’ll show you how to calculate Naira to Dollar. Like I’ve said in the previous post on how to calculate Naira to Cedi, conversion or calculating exchange rates doesn’t require expertise in math. It’s simply basic; just multiplication.

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So, if you want to convert 100$ to Naira, for example, you simply use this method:
Since 1$ is equals to 380.50 then calculating 100$ would be 380.50 multiplied by 100 which is equivalent to ₦38,050.50. In summary, a hundred dollars is equivalent to ₦38,050.

Money plays a major role in our everyday activities, and that is why we always work hard — to be able to get money for buying our wants and demands. Knowing how to convert the US dollar to Nigeria Naira should be much important to you as US citizen or Nigerian citizen.


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