Are you a building contractor looking for the cost of asbestos roofing sheet or an individual planning to build a house anytime soon?

If your answer to questions above is yes, then you are at the right place. This article brings you all the details you need to know about asbestos roofing sheets, prices, advantages, disadvantages, where to buy and any other relevant information.

We bring you the price of asbestos roofing sheet price in Nigeria and any other relevant information you may need.

What is Asbestos?

I am pretty sure not a lot of people know about Asbestos roofing sheets. Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous silicate mineral. It is a form of mineral and hydrous silicate of magnesium and is currently used as one of the most patronized roofing materials in Nigeria.

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Aside aluminum roofing sheets and other types of roofing sheets, asbestos roofing has in recent times become an alternative for many building contractors.

Due to its fantastic thermal qualities and being extremely fire retardant, it is not surprising that asbestos has been used extensively in roofing and insulation in some parts of Nigeria. Cement sheets are one of the most commonly used roofing products that the mineral is found in, and there are still a large number of buildings around the country that have an asbestos cement sheet roof.

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The problems with the roof sheets occur as they deteriorate with age and consequently become more brittle.

Asbestos Roofing Sheet Price

Below are the price list of asbestos roofing in Naira.

A two and half feet by six feet of asbestos roofing costs N1200 as at the time of writing this article. Prices may change depending on when you get access to this content.

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It is therefore important to speak with your building consultant to update you on the current prices of asbestos roofing.


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