This blog post targets at new mothers who have newborns and entrepreneurs who are looking for where to buy wholesale baby’s items in Lagos for a profitable sale at retail prices.

In Lagos and other major Nigerian cities like Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Calabar, and Kano, sale of baby’s items are one of the most profitable. Yes! New mothers are emerging daily in Lagos alone as the rate of child birth across the country is increasing and are looking for where to buy baby’s and children’s items for newborns either in wholesale or retail prices. 

Baby’s items include: baby clothes, bibs, diapers, toilet papers, toys, napkins, trolleys, strollers, baby shoes, breast milk storage bottles, creams, baby oil, pacifiers, car seats, towels, hoods, sweater, and so on. All these are necessary especially if you intend to open a baby’s items store in Lagos.

Lagos stores of any kind are usually competitive with one another. It’s a commercial city after all; so, you should strive to outdo or stand out from other competitors in the baby’s items business by stocking your store with all items related to newborn and children.

If you’re contemplating establishing a business around this niche— baby’s items— then make sure to read to the end of this post, because you’ll be getting tips and ideas on how to open a baby’s items store in Lagos and where to buy baby’s items in wholesaler’s price in Lagos and sell in retailer’s price for profit. Read on.

Tips on How to Establish a Baby’s Items Store in Lagos.

In this section, you’ll learn a few tips and ideas on how to establish a store where you can sell baby’s items in retail in Lagos. 

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Decide your location.

The location factor is the most important to consider when you think of opening a business offline. Even though Lagos is the commercial capital of Nigeria, not all areas in Lagos are meant for business and commercial activities. 

To open a baby’s items store for sales in Lagos, you need to consider where is meant for business. For instance, a shopping complex in Oshodi is a good example of your store’s location. Surbubs of Lagos where the sale of baby items can be profitable include: Alagbado, Yaba, Oshodi, Idumota, Balogun, Agege, some parts of Ikeja like Adeniyi Jones. 

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Decide your business size.

This is another factor that must be put into consideration when you’re contemplating opening a baby’s items business. Do you want to open a small shop or a big store where you can sell as a wholesaler and retailer at the same time?

Get your store.

Now that you’ve concluded in your mind the location of your business it’s time to rent a store where your baby’s items can be realized. A shopping complex or market areas are the best options you can consider whenever you want to rent a store.

Stock Your Store with baby’s items.

When your shop is acquired, then you should stock and arrange it with all baby’s items for sale. 

Advertise your business.

Advertisement is the only way you can make profit and gain a wider customer patronage from locale and other places far from your catchment. Social media like Instagram and Snapchat are places where you can find your ideal customers. Also, using Google My Business is a great way to get your business appearing on the SERPs. 

Where to buy baby’s items in wholesales in Lagos.

This section will provide you with information on shops and markets to buy baby’s items in wholesales in Lagos.

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Geeworld is a children’s wears and accessories boutique selling children’s clothes as well as men and women clothing

The Boutique is located at:

No 2 osolo way Ajao estate,Orile Oshodi, Lagos,Nigeria

Tel No: 08096569034

2~De-Prince and Princess Butik

De.prince and princess Butik are clothing stores that offers sales of quality children’s wears for children as well as men and women.

They are located at: Suite 18 LSDPC shopping complex,Jakande estate isolo,Lagos Nigeria

Tel No:08060338388 or 08036405532

3~D’Artha kids clothing

D’Artha kids Clothing is a children’s wear and accessories dealer that offers wholesale and retail of quality children’s clothing and accessories

Address: 16 Oloruntedo street,Area 1 Estate Alagbado,Lagos Nigeria

Tel No:07088759949

4~Bambiano Barn

Bambiano Barn is an online kids clothing store makes sale of kids and Toddlers accessories like toys,bracelets,pendants, Earrings,necklaces,Bangles and gif set and more…

They offer online delivery within and beyond Lagos,Nigeria

Located at:

Lagos City,Lagos Nigeria

Tel No:09092260815, 07068589443, 08138305303, 07080199235

5~Clothes Shelf Boutique

Clothes shelf Boutique is a children’s wear and accessories sales Center Located in:

No 39 Opebi Road,Opebi Ikeja,Lagos Nigeria

Tel No: 08033009313


Babyba’U  sells Baby essentials,baby beddings,baby fashion wears, toysand accessories

Address: No 6 coker road,Opposite the African Church by traffic light B/stop, Ilupeju,Lagos Nigeria

Tel No:09025028062

7~MegaKids Holdings

Megakid Holdings is a subsidiary of Megafortunes Holdings.

It is also an online kiddies wholesale store that sells kids wears and accessories.

Located in Mangoro, Ogba Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria

Tel No: 08056052415,08169221648,08099487825.



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