I believe you are in need of the best platform to watch interesting Ghanaian movie at home, office or school and searching for the top website where you can download all your favourite Nollywood movies? If yes, then you are good to go with the choice for checking Nigeria Insider as the right place to download your latest Nigerian movies in 2022.

This guide will give you some of the top websites to download some of your favourite old Hollywood movies as well as the new ones for free — from any device you are using in Nigeria.

These websites to download the latest Nigeria Movies are given below:


On NaijaPals, a Nigerian has the access to watch or download the most recent Nollywood films on your device. The site has a lot of entertainment to offer you — with moments from movies, music videos, and more. You may also use the site to keep up with the newest news, and it is one of the greatest places to get Nigerian movies.

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You may visit NaijaPals here to check out the latest Nigeria Movies online.


As part of the top websites to download the latest Nigerian movies online, Netnaija is one of the best places to go to watch both Nigerian and trending foreign movies for free. From this website, you have everything aligned with the simple and easier to use navigation to download your favourite Nollywood films, as well as films from other genres. NetNaija also provides you with the most up-to-date entertainment news, as well as audio and video music downloads.

You may visit NetNaija website here.


IROKO TV is the most popular platform for downloading all the latest Nigerian movies online. You have the chance to make use of the iRokoTV app to watch over thousands of Nollywood movies at your own space, right from the comfort of your room. You may also watch outstanding and fresh movie material on the IROKO TV official website.

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You may check out the iRoko TV official website here.


If you are looking for the top and great Video platform over the internet across the globe, you would have to consider YouTube in the first place. Youtube is a well-known video-on-demand service that delivers both new and classic Nollywood movies in high-definition formats. There are varieties of YouTube channels that upload free and clear Nigerian Nollywood movies — both from English, Yoruba language or pigin English.

Visit YouTube as Google’s Video streaming platform across the globe.

Ibaka TV

The IbakaTV app has thousands of Nollywood movies for all Nigerian. Whether you are an Android or iOS user, you can use Ibaka TV since it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The software allows you to either stream or download video contents directly to your phone. You can also go to their official website and begin watching movies there.

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You may access the Ibaka TV official website here.


As part of the popular websites to download Nollywood movies in Nigeria, the NaijaOnPoint gives you moments of entertainment as Nigerian. Despite watching movies and videos on NaijaOnPoint website, there are also separate news and entertainment parts — to keep yourself updated in the world of entertainment industry.

You may access NaijaOnPoint for the latest Nollywood movies in Nigeria online.


Just like YouTube, the WapBaze has a large number of video files and is one of the greatest places you can download all the latest Nigerian movies online conveniently.

As someone who wants to download or watch Nigerian movies online, you can visit WapBaze official website for more.

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