Registering an NGO in Nigeria is very simple, but there can be a lot of frustrations involved — since you would have to make yourself available to numerous offices for proper documentations.

In today’s article guide from Nigeria Insider as an online information portal in Nigeria, we are here to give you every information about How To Register an NGO In Nigeria with requirements in 2021.

What Is NGO in Nigeria?

NGO simple means Non Governmental Organization. Non Governmental Organization (NGO) is the organization whose membership and activities operate independently of the government and are not subjected to pay tax.

In addition, a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) is a voluntary group that is not operating under the government and not registered as a profit making business, but to provide for the society.

Mostly, Non-governmental Organizations are funded by the government of the particular country the organization is operating in. Individuals, groups or founders can also fund a Non-governmental Organization.

Before you register for an NGO in Nigeria, you have to know some of the types of Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and here are they below:

  • Community-based organizations
  • Cultural associations
  • Cooperative Societies
  • Political parties
  • Professional associations
  • Religious organizations
  • Social clubs
  • Specialized professionally run NGOs and friendly societies
  • Trade Unions
  • Youth clubs
  • Women’s group

NGO Registration Requirements In Nigeria

Before you could be allowed to register for your NGO in Nigeria, it is mandatory to provide the basic requirements under the policies of Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 (CAMA). These are the requirements given below;

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Write A Plan About The NGO

It is very important to plot out a plan before starting an NGO in Nigeria. Write about your non governmental organization as a charitable foundation with its mission, vision and core values to provide to the society. Provide detailed information about the activities the NGO will engage and add some relevant information.

Get A Name For Your NGO

After writing out your plan about the Organization, it is time to think about the name to use for it. Is the organization going to provide Scholarship opportunities to students in Nigeria? Then you can start with a name like; Nigeria Insider Scholarship Foundation and you do not need to inform someone about your organization again should the person hears the name.

Choose Trusted Person(s)

After planning about your Non Governmental Organization (NGO), finding a relevant and catchy name for it, the next thing to focus is to select or appoint a trustee. Find some trusted person(s) that would be above 18 years of age, and not having any criminal record or engaged in any fraud activities.

Talk To Accredited Agent in Nigeria

Before you start to operate an NGO in Nigeria, it is recommended that you consult an agent. One kind you can consult is the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) expert, in helping to conduct pre and post-incorporation affairs with the Commission to help you with:

              • Name Search Availability And Reservation
              • Publication of Notices
              • Drafting of the NGO Constitution
              • Drafting of the Minutes of the Meeting
              • Documentation of all incorporation documents
              • Submission and Filling
              • Collecting of the NGO Certificate Of Incorporation
              • Open a Corporate Bank Account with the NGO’s Name

Price to register Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Nigeria

 If you are seeking for how much does it cost to register an NGO in Nigeria for 2021, here is the price for you. Registration for NGO in Nigeria is between N120,000 to N150,000.

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How To Register An NGO In Nigeria

After knowing all the features of NGO, from the meaning, types and the cost involved, let us take a look at how to register for your Non Governmental Organization in Nigeria.

Before your Non Governmental Organization could be registered, you would have to provide some important documents for the NGO registration and these are found below:

  • A formal letter of application
  • Two copies of Applicant’s constitution
  • 2 Passport photographs of the Trustees
  • 2 copies of the application form signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the body or association
  • Extract of the Minutes of the general meeting appointing the trustees, listing all members that are present and voting pattern.
  • Residential Addresses and Signature of the Trustees on the Application form
  • Trust declaration form duly deposed to by each trustee in the High Court of Nigeria
  • Evidence of property acquisition for the organization or undertaking in lieu of the property acquisition.
  • The impression of the common seal of the association on the Application form
  • Extract of the Minutes where the special clause rule was adopted into the constitution of the organization; signed by Secretary and Chairman
  • Original Newspaper publication
  • Bank draft for the prescribed fee

Now, here you go with how to register your Non Governmental Organization in Nigeria with easier and simple to follow steps in 2021.

Benefits of Registering An NGO in Nigeria

We would like to brief you on some of the benefits for registering for an NGO in Nigeria. These are found below.

  • Right to Acquire Assets
  • Protection From Personal Liability
  • Corporate Entity
  • Structured Financial Plan
  • Stability
  • Perpetual Succession
  • Access to Credit
  • Name Preservation
  • Banking

List of Some Registered NGOs in Lagos, Nigeria

There are a lot of registered NGOs in Nigeria, but we shall give you some of these below.

Some of the registered NGOs in Lagos, Nigeria are: Action Aid for the Unemployed, African Liberty and Hope Initiative (ALHI), African Citizens Development Foundation, Apiworld International, African Women Initiative Against Violence & Poverty, Albert Caayo Foundation, Association of Professional Women Accountant of Nigeria, African Youths International Dev. Foundation, Action Family Foundation, African Business Round Table, Association of NGOs and CSOS of Nigeria, African Development Initiative For Poverty Alleviation, Amacks Children Development Organisation, Benedict Ekanem Foundation, Child Rights Brigade International, Global Peace Development, Center for Transformation of the Under Privileged, Community Health Enlightenment & Development, Excellence Foundation International Inc, Lygel Youths & Leadership Initiatives, Kano Development Projects, Old Peoples Support International,  Royal Integrity & Accountability Organization, Rural Urban Development, Society for Telemedicine and E-Health in Nigeria, Society for African Safety & Development, Theresa Karis Foundation, Total Care Unit, Ven Dr. Josiah Alozie Foundation, Youth Mentoring and Orientation Initiative, Society for employment and Self Reliance, Center for Transformation of the Under Privileged, Society for African Safety & Development, Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities, We care Welfare Organization Nigeria, Foundation for Rural Urban Integration, Fair Trade Handicraft Foundation (FHF), Support  Health and Education for Development (SHED), Majesty Literacy Foundation, Bioresources Development & Conservation Programme, Guidance & Counseling Dev. Association (GCDA), Women Aid Collective (WACOL), Network of Caring Women, Coalition of Human Rights Org., Oha-na-Eze Women Empowerment Association, Rural Windows and Orphans Foundation Inc, Foundation For Leadership & Education Development, Gateway to health Life, Center for National Unity and Representative Democracy, Gantys Aid for Windows, Orphans & Needy, Poverty Alleviation for the Poor Initiative, Women & Development Movement, Society for Rural Women & Youth Development, Demonstration School for Deaf Children, Youth Enhancement Organisation, Hope for the Village Child Foundation, Dev. Empowerment Society International, Relief Peace and Development Initiatives, Global Network Against Trafficking in Women and Children, People Against HIV/AIDs in Barack, Teenage Girls Empowerment Centre, Halt Aids, Youth Initiative for Advo. Growth & Advancement, IMPROVED Action for Community Transformation, Action Family Foundation, Child Labour & Human Trafficking Relief Initiative, International Forum for Peace in the Niger Delta, Peace and Conflict Resolution Organisation, etc.

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