Today, everyone is interested in watching movies and news from satellite television and DStv is one of the popular paid subscription TV across the globe. For all people using DStv as paid TV, it is required that you pay monthly and this article is all about how to recharge your DStv online via your mobile phone in Nigeria for 2021.

DStv has a lot of packages that are available in Nigeria for 2021, and you can choose to upgrade or downgrade your subscription based on your preferences.

In our today’s article, I would like to show you the easy way on How To Pay DStv Via Mobile Phone In Nigeria 2021.

Before, we shall take a look into some of DStv Packages in Nigeria, how to recharge your DStv with Mobile Phone and how to recharge your DStv subscription with other options in Nigeria.

DStv Packages And Channels In Nigeria

DStv Packages in Nigeria

This gives you insight of all the DsTv Subscription Packages and Channels that are available in Nigeria for 2021.

  • DStv Nigeria Premium Package costs 18,400 Naira for 214 channels and 52 audio stations.
  • DStv Nigeria Compact Plus Package costs 12400 Naira for 204 channels and all radio stations
  • DStv Nigeria Compact Package costs 7900 Naira for 189 channels
  • DsTv Confam costs N4615 Naira for 126 channels.
  • DsTv Yanga costs 2565 Naira for 106 channels.
  • DStv Padi  costs N1,850 per month for 59 channels and 11 audio stations.
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In knowing much about the DStv packages in Nigeria and their prices, let’s take a look into how to purchase DStv package with your mobile phone easily.

How To Subscribe To DsTv Using FirstMobile App

The FirstMobile mobile app belongs to First Bank PLC that helps you to make payment for your DStv subscription via phone.

  1. Open your FirstMobile App
  2. Sign in with your PIN
  3. Select “Pay Bills”
  4. Select “CableTV bills”
  5. Select “Dstv Subscription”
  6. Select the dstv package you want to pay for.
  7. Enter your Smartcard number in the box provided
  8. The amount i.e price of the dstv package you selected will be displayed automatically
  9. Enter your phone number
  10. Tap “continue” and complete the payment process.

Now, you are done with how to make payment for your DStv subscription package with your mobile phone.

How To Recharge Your DStv Package With Mobile Phone

With this process, you will learn the method involved in recharging your DStv account with mobile phone in Nigeria easily. There are few ways of making payment for your DStv subscription online and we are here to help you through the steps involved.

There are varieties of mobile money services operating in Nigeria, and some of these are; Nairapay, Paga, FirstMonie from First Bank and many more.

To pay for your DStv subscription with your mobile phone, simply log into your mobile money platform or your e-wallet and select DStv Subscription and make payment.

How To Recharge Your Subscription With DStv Eazy Service

The DStv Eazy Service is one of the best and fastest method to pay for your DStv subscription package in Nigeria. You have the option to also pay for a friends, co-worker or family.

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  • Open DStv Eazy Service payment page,
  • After opening the portal, your country will be set to Nigeria automatically.
  • Enter your smartcard number of the decoder you want to recharge or pay for.
  • Enter the captcha text and hit the Verify button.
  • Once account has been verified and click/tap on View Balance and Pay.
  • You will be redirected to payment summary page that contains date and amount due for payment.
  • Click/tap on Pay.
  • You will then be shown payment subscription page that contains information about the account owner.


How To Pay Your DStv Subscription Using Jumia One On Your Mobile Phone

Jumia One helps you to pay for your DStv subscription using your mobile phone easily. Jumia is Africa’s leading eCommerce store. But aside from services involving online product purchase and listing, customers can also use its payment Gateway services to pay for their cable TV subscription.

Here’s how to pay for your DStv subscription via Jumia One:

  1. Visit Jumia One portal using your mobile phone or computer
  2. Sign up for a Jumia account or log in to your existing account using your email address and password
  3. Next, select TV from the list of services and, afterward, select DStv
  4. Enter your Smart Card number and select the package/bouquet you want to pay for.
  5. Complete your payment using your Mastercard / Visa Card


How to Pay DStv Subscription Via Quick Teller In NIgeria

In Nigeria, Quickteller has become one of the biggest and trusted online payment services that is operating under the law of Federeal Republic of Nigeria. The Quickteller is powered by ‘might’ inter-switch which is one of the biggest payment gateways in Nigeria.

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To pay your DStv subscription package with Quickteller, kindly follow the steps below.

  1. Visit
  2. Select ‘View All’
  3. Scroll down and choose ‘Cable TV Bills
  4. Select DSTV Subscription
  5. Add your Debit or Credit Card
  6. Fill in the necessary details


How to pay for your DStv Subscription With Internet Banking

Despite paying for your DStv subscription with Mobile phone and Quickteller account, you can also make payment for your subscription using internet banking in Nigeria.

MultiChoice has partnered successfully with some banks in Nigeria. You can go for any of these banks to make payment to MultiChoice for payment of your DStv package subscription. The partnership banks allow internet banking for customers to pay for their DStv bills directly from their bank account via the internet banking service.

This is how to pay for your DStv subscription package via internet banking in Nigeria for 2021.

  1. Log on to your bank’s official website
  2. You could use your bank’s mobile app
  3. Select ‘Pay Bills
  4. Continue to make payment
  5. After verification
  6. MultiChoice would deduct the money from your bank account instantly

Now, you are done with how to pay for your DStv Subscription package with your bank account or internet banking.

Payments are made easy with DStv Africa Self Service. You can pay for your own subscription or help others pay for their DStv subscription and you only need to enter the details of the person you want to pay for, verify the account and that you are paying the correct account.

DStv has multiple payment options for you to choose from — to pay or reconnect your DStv account. These payment options are MyDStv App, Internet Banking, USSD, Debit Order or you can visit our Walk-in Centres or your nearest store to top-up.

DStv Nigeria customer care

The DStv Nigeria customer care number is +234 9082368533. You can reach them for any help or assistance from Nigeria.

I believe paying for your DStv subscription package with your mobile phone helps you to avoid that long queue at the bank or at any of the MultiChoice offices in Nigeria.

Source: Nigeria Insider


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