iPhone 6s price in Nigeria

In the world of smartphones, the iPhone 6s holds a special place as a device that introduced a range of new features and advancements. This article takes a detailed look at the iPhone 6s, focusing on its specifications, features, and its impact on the Nigerian market.

Overview of the iPhone 6s in Nigeria

The iPhone 6s made its debut in Nigeria amidst high anticipation and excitement from tech enthusiasts. Its sleek design, coupled with advanced features, made it an instant hit among consumers. The device’s availability through various carriers and retailers further contributed to its widespread adoption across the country.

Processor and RAM Specifications

Powered by Apple’s A9 chip, the iPhone 6s marked a significant leap in processing power. The 64-bit architecture and dual-core processor provided substantial performance improvements over its predecessor. With a 2GB RAM, the device efficiently managed multitasking and ensured smooth user experience across various applications.

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Storage Options and Variants

The iPhone 6s came in multiple storage variants, ranging from 16GB to 128GB. This range allowed users to choose a storage option that suited their needs, whether it was for casual use, photography, or heavy app usage. The flexibility in storage capacity ensured that users could enjoy the device without worrying about running out of space.

Battery Capacity and Performance

The device was equipped with a non-removable 1715mAh battery. While the battery capacity might seem modest by today’s standards, the integration of power-efficient components and optimization of iOS ensured that the iPhone 6s offered respectable battery life. Users could comfortably go through a day of moderate usage without needing frequent recharges.

Camera Capabilities

The iPhone 6s featured a 12MP rear camera that introduced Live Photos, allowing users to capture brief moments before and after a picture was taken, adding a touch of interactivity to photographs. The camera also supported 4K video recording, enhancing the device’s appeal to photography and videography enthusiasts.

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Rear and Front Camera Specifications of iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus, while not the focus of this article, is worth mentioning due to its exceptional camera capabilities. It featured a dual-camera system with a 12MP wide and telephoto lens combination. This setup enabled optical zoom, portrait mode, and depth-of-field effects, raising the bar for smartphone photography.

iOS Version of iPhone 7 Plus at Launch

The iPhone 7 Plus was launched with iOS 10, Apple’s tenth major release of its mobile operating system. iOS 10 introduced various enhancements, including a redesigned lock screen, improved Siri functionality, expanded 3D Touch capabilities, and a revamped Messages app.

iPhone 6s price in Nigeria

The price of the iPhone 6s in Nigeria varies depending on the model, storage capacity, and condition. A new iPhone 6s 64GB costs around ₦252,000. A used iPhone 6s 32GB in good condition costs around ₦55,000.

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Where to buy iPhone 6s in Nigeria

You can buy the iPhone 6s from authorized retailers in Nigeria, such as:

1. Slot
7-18 Osho St, Ikeja, Lagos
15/19 Ola-Ayeni Street, Ikeja, Lagos
Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos

2. Jumia
Jumia Nigeria Head Office, 104, Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos
Jumia Mega Store, Shoprite, Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall, Surulere, Lagos
Jumia Mega Store, Shoprite, The Palms, Lekki, Lagos

3. Konga
Konga Nigeria Head Office, Plot 17, Block 1, Phase 1, Central Business District, Abuja
Konga Mega Store, Shoprite, Ikeja City Mall, Ikeja, Lagos
Konga Mega Store, Shoprite, Ibadan Mall, Ibadan

In conclusion, the iPhone 6s remains a noteworthy device that contributed to the evolution of smartphones. Its powerful processor, camera innovations, and overall performance made it a popular choice in Nigeria and around the world. While the focus of this article was primarily on the iPhone 6s, the mention of the iPhone 7 Plus and its features further emphasizes Apple’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology.


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