Are you seeking a simple solution to opt out of receiving data auto-renewal messages from MTN? This page has been enriched with the new codes and the procedures to follow after the NCC order – Which states all telecommunications providers to begin utilizing standardized shortcodes for phone and data recharging, call centers, etc. Therefore, the same procedures might be used with various networks.

Here, we’ll be discussing how to remove auto-renewal on MTN using various methods including USSD code, MyMtn App, and MyMtn Web.


All Nigerian Networks including GLO, Airtel, MTN, and 9Mobile have different data plans. The common feature that the four mentioned networks have is the auto-renewal and one-off data type. Just like in the other networks, users have the option to select a one-time purchase or auto-renewal at the subscription stages of MTN’s several data bundle packages.

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Users may use the auto-renewal option by accident or ignorance when they are subscribing to a data plan. Some customers re-subscribe voluntarily to a higher data bundle subscription. They will automatically re-subscribe to the same data bundle package over the network. They also receive a startling SMS notice notifying them that their data bundle renewal was accomplished. This can really be upsetting, especially if it was your final airtime credit.

Each time users (that selects the auto-renewal option) recharge their phones, they continue to get texts from MTN. Naturally, the mails refer to their membership to the prior plan they unintentionally set to renew automatically.

How to Remove Auto Renewal on MTN

If MTN auto renewal is no longer helpful to you as a client, you must understand how to disable it. Because if you do not cancel it immediately, MTN will continue to renew your data package using your available airtime/credit. This might be a sting in your flesh!

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There are five simple methods to stop MTN auto-renewal. They include the following:

  1. Using USSD Codes.
  2. Using The MyMTN app.
  3. Using The MyMTN website.

1. Using USSD Codes

  • Dial *312#
  • Choose Data Plans (Option 1)
  • Choose Next (Option 99)
  • Choose Manage Data (Option 12)
  • Choose Cancel Auto-Renewal (Option 3)
  • Select Bundle to Opt-Out Of
  • Done

2. Using MyMTN App

MyMTN App is a mobile app developed by MTN. MTN provides several services to its consumers through the MYMTN App. Customers may also disable auto-renewal using the app if necessary. The procedures to stop auto-renewal on MTN using the MyMTN app are as follows:

  • Download the MyMTN app on your phone and go through the installation process.
  • When you are done, log in to the MyMTN app.
  • Input your mobile phone number and scroll to ‘My Subscription’.
  • Click on ‘Toggle off Auto-Renewal’.
  • Then click on ‘Turn Off’.
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When you complete the aforementioned procedures, your data subscription will no longer be renewed regularly. Additionally, any additional data subscriptions you make using the mobile app won’t be renewed automatically.

3. Using MyMTN Web

On the my web platform, MTN offers various kinds of services to its clients. Customers can stop their data subscriptions from automatically renewing by using the MYMTN website. The steps listed below show how easy it is to accomplish this.

  • Visit the MyMTN web platform.
  • Enter your user details.
  • MTN will send an OTP to you.
  • Input the OTP numbers.
  • Scroll to my subscription.
  • Select data bundle.
  • Toggle off the auto-renewal button.

This procedure will enable a one-time data purchase for you and automatically stop MTN’s auto renewal.


Learning how to remove auto renewal on MTN is quite an easy process and is easy to do since the article is straight-forward. If you face any issue (not mentioned in this post) while removing auto renewal on MTN, you can contact their customer support.

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