Are you an Access Bank customer looking for information on how to block or deactivate your Access Bank account but are unsure of the steps to take if your mobile devices are lost or stolen?

Due to the rise in fraudsters posing as bank employees, Access Bank will never request your BVN, full card PAN, PIN, mobile app activation code, OTP, or password as these details are already easily available to the bank via its database.

Account holders have complete autonomy to block their accounts and preserve their funds before formal reports are sent to the Bank thanks to the Access Bank self-service feature, which allows account holders to deactivate their accounts using any alternate phone number.

How to Block Access Bank Account

If you think your bank account is not secure, you can temporarily block it in addition to blocking your Access Bank debit card. An illustration would be if you misplaced your debit card, phone, or other important documents. Therefore, banning your Access bank account will stop anyone from making a withdrawal from it until you find a solution.

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How to Block Access Bank Account Using USSD Code

To block an access bank account, follow these steps:

  • Dial *901*911#
  • Select Option 2 (Block Account)
  • Select ‘Self’ or ‘Third party’ for others
  • Enter the phone number linked to the account (s)
  • Select the Account you want to block.
  • Enter your USSD PIN’


Or dial *901# and select Other Services:

  • Select Option 9 (Opt Out)
  • Select Block Account
  • Select ‘Self’ or ‘Third party’ for others
  • Enter the phone number linked to the account (s)
  • Select the Account you want to block (you can select either one of your accounts or all of them)
  • Enter your USSD PIN
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Note: Access bank USSD mobile banking on your phone (Mtn, Glo, Airtel, or 9 Mobile) will be disabled temporarily when you complete the process. This can be helpful, for example, if your ATM card is stolen, your account is compromised, or you no longer require the service.

By utilizing the USSD code for blocking accounts on Access bank, you can block your Access bank account number or even your ATM card; otherwise, you’ll need to go to an Access bank branch.

A successful request notification will display on your phone screen once you complete this correctly, and your account(s) would be instantly blocked.

You won’t be able to conduct transactions on your Access bank account after you’ve blocked it. You will need to visit an Access bank branch if you want to unblock the bank account

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How to Block your Access bank Account using Mobile App

Using the Access bank mobile app, you can also disable your access bank ATM card or account.

Open your mobile application Choose “Card and Check” Organize cards Should you have more than one account, select the specific account. Block After entering your PIN, just block the card.

  • Open the application and log in.
  • Tap on credit cards and checks.
  • Select Manage Cards.
  • Click Block. You may ban an account by choosing it.
  • Enter your token or PIN.
  • Block Card


Blocking an Access bank account is an easy process. If you follow the steps above, you should be able to block your Access account without facing any issue. However, if you face any issue while taking those steps, feel free to comment below for help or contact Access Customer Support.

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