Guava is fruit that is cultivated in many parts of Africa. But guava is originally native to Mexico and southern America.Last two years about fifty million tonnes of guava were produced worldwide. India is the largest producer of guava.

How guava leaves can guarantee fertility.

For guava leaves to be useful for fertility, they have to be converted to tea.
Guava leaves tea mixed green tea can increase the amount of blood flowing to the uterus and increase sperm sperm count and viability.
Low amount of blood flow in the uterus is responsible for fibrosis which can block conception.
It is advisable you take it in the morning so that it will flush your belly and in the night so that it will help you relax.
Clearing your stomach will give room for the baby to form
Do not take the guava tea at high temperature as it causes constipation

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Other benefit of guava leaves.

1. Weight loss: Guava leaves facilitates weight loss by aiding food digestion
2. Diabetes management : it helps in managing diabetes by preventing absorption of sugar
3. Cholesterol reduction : they help in cholesterol reduction by lowering ldl and triglyceride levels.
4. Diarrhea and dysentery : A drink of guava leave juice can cure diarrhea and dysentery.
5. Aids digestion: Guava leaves aids in digestion by stimulation of the production of digestive enzymes.
6. Treatment of bronchitis : Guava leaves helps in treating bronchitis by clearing the lungs
7. Treatment of toothache , sores and gum disease : Due to their inflammatory qualities guava leaves can heal dental sores.

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Guava leaves can help fertility if properly used. Guava leaves also capture various functions.


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