How Do Guava Leaves Aids Fertility?

When should you consume guava leaves for fertility? The short answer is that it depends on your health and what you prefer to take at different times of the day. Cultural differences also play a significant role. Despite this, a guava leaf tea is best consumed warm, either in the morning, immediately after a meal, or before bed.

Continue reading for a detailed step-by-step guide.

Guava leaves and fertility

Does Guava Aid in Fertility?

Guava Tea is the most important thing, second only to water, and the cheapest beverage. Guava Tea consumption has long been regarded as a health-promoting habit. And recent modern medical studies provide a realistic and scientific foundation for this long-held belief.

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The scientific evidence supporting the health benefits of guava tea consumption grows stronger with each new study published in the scientific literature.

Guava leaves are the leaves obtained from the guava plant (Psidium guajava). Guava has been cultivated for thousands of years, and its leaves have been used for a variety of medical purposes.

Because of some common useful active ingredients in the leaves, a guava leaf tea is a popular medical beverage.

Guava leaves and fertility

Several recent scientific studies have revealed that guava leaves contain active ingredients that help inhibit the growth of cancerous cells as well as reduce inflammation. Guava leaves have also been shown to improve blood flow to the uterus and sperm quality, such as sperm count and viability.

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How to prepare Guava Leaves for Fertility

Finding 10-15 fresh guava leaves and thoroughly washing them with clean water is all that is required to use guava leaves for fertility. After washing the leaves, place them in a clean boiling pot with 1 liter of water.

Place the boiling pot on the stove and bring it to a boil for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, remove the pot from the heat.

Allow the tea to cool to room temperature before serving. The tea should then be strained into a separate clean container with a lid. Keep the tea covered and out of the reach of children.

When to take Guava Leaves for Fertility?

As I previously stated, this is dependent on your health and cultural background. However, you can drink guava leaves tea at any time of day. However, drinking guava leaves tea in the morning, after a meal, or before going to bed is the most popular.

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This is because drinking guava leaves tea in the morning will help open your stomach and flush out any dust particles and other impurities from your body. It also improves blood flow and relaxes the body.

This improves your stomach’s ability to accommodate what you’re going to eat for breakfast, which helps you avoid indigestion while managing your infertility problem.

Moreover, taking guava leaves after a meal can help improve digestion while also assisting you in living a fertile life. Also, guava leaves can also assist with good and peaceful sleep.

As a result, drinking guava leaf tea before bed can help improve your sleep, even if you have a sleep disorder.

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  1. Aside malaria and typhoid fever, i never knew guava has fertility effect. This is good to know.

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