Getting back your National Identification Number Slip can be done easier in Nigeria with the help of the internet.

There should not be any reason for you to lose your National Identification Number or misplaced your NIN – since the National Identity Management Commission has released information to help people who have lost/misplaced their NIN slip to be able to get it back.

What a Nigerian ought to keep in mind is that, reprinting your NIN slip will cost a fee of 500naira – that can be paid via any bank or REMITA. After making payment, you will have to carry the Remita teller back to any enrolment center that is near to you, for the reprinting of your NIN slip.

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The recommended way by the National Identity Management Commission to get back your National Identity Number is to make use of the short code, 346 – to retrieve your NIN number at ease.

National Identification Number serves as means of identification of which the Nigerian government uses to identify all the records that are compiled about a certain individual from the National Identity Database.

NIN was initiated by the Nigerian government to prevent fraud issues in the country. With this, the government has instructed all network providers that all subscribers will have to update their SIM with their NIN – before a given deadline.

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This is the recommended article for you about How To Get Back And Re-print Your NIN Slip in Nigeria.

Important Documents You Will Need NIN for

  • Bank account opening
  • Register for International Passport. To register for international passport, you can check HERE
  • Register for driver’s license
  • For vehicle registration
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What to do if you forget Your NIN

Getting back your NIN easily is what you need to know. There is no need for a Nigerian citizen to register for a NIN again – since you can use the power of technology to get it back.

  1.  Enter any enrolment center nationwide and submit your phone number or fingerprint to get back your NIN
  2. Simply dial *346# with the phone number used to register your NIN
  3. Kindly print your NIN after getting it successfully

Keep note: You are automatically assigned to a National Identification Number (NIN) if you already have a Biometric Verification Number (BVN).


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