In this write up, we are going to give you a complete information about E money’s net worth.

E money also known as Emeka Okonkwo is a popular Nigerian businessman, philanthropist and entrepreneur who has made history in the Nigerian Entertainment industry and other spheres of endeavor.

He is popular recognized as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Five Star Music Group.

You might have heard a lot about him especially when it comes to luxurious lifestyle in Nigeria.

You might have also heard of his luxurious sport cars, mansions, chains of businesses, but have you wondered how much he is worth according to Forbes?

Well if it has ever crossed your mind, find out the net worth of E Money from here.

At Nigeria Insider, our criteria for ranking net worth is closely related to that of Forbes. The factors considered include but not limited to businesses owned, assets, family (wife and children), lifestyle, investments and many others.

Stay with me as I bring you the source of E Money’s money and how much he is worth.

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E Money’s Net Worth

E money is worth $27 million as of 2021. See the details of his wealth below.

Net Worth in Naira = ₦11 billion

About E Money

Early life

He was born on 18th February, 1981 in Ajegunle, a town in Lagos, the capital city of Nigeria.

Real Name: Emeka Okonkwo

Nationality: Nigerian

Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria

Date of Birth: 18th February, 1981

Age: 39

Siblings: KCEE



A look at his Instagram account clearly shows that he has a taste for fashion and luxurious lifestyle.

Aside being active in the music business, E Money has a very inspiring life outside of entertainment, which has caused serveral Nigerian youngsters especially upcoming musicians and business men to take after his lifestyle.

He owns several mansions and prides himself with a fleet of luxurious cars. Popular cars owned by E Money include G Wagon, Mercedes Benz AMG, etc.

E money’s businesses

He is the type of guy who loves to flaunt their wealth in real life and on social media. Per our research, we can confirm that E Money is involved in several other businesses aside his music business.

Music business

He is the executive chairman of the Five Star Music Group. Artiste under this record label include KCee, Skibi and Harry Song.

As the chairman of this label, he enjoys higher percentage of the proceeds that comes out of it.


Shipping and logistics

Aside that, he has also invested into the cargo and shipping industry by starting Emmy Cargoes Nig, a shipping and goods clearing service provider in Nigeria.

The company, established in 2007 provides imports and exports services to clients in and outside of Nigeria. E money is the founder and CEO of Emmy Cargoes Nigeria Limited. He has amassed a lot of money from starting this company.


Automobile business

He has also made investments in the automobile retail industry (buying and selling cars) which is really making him a lot wealth. His shipping company sells both brand new and preowned exotic vehicles of American specifications at relatively competitive prices.

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E Money’s Assets

In terms of assets, he has several of them he can boast of. Emeka Okonkwo has some tangible and coveted properties in Nigeria.

He is the proud owner of 250 million naira mansion in Omole Estate, Ikeja, Lagos.

This mansion has a pool, garage stocked with expensive cars, private state of the art gym and other things that a stately home is made of. The house interiors have the Middle East touch, and this has made him be referred to as an Arabic Money man. The interiors are all white and gold coated.

His established businesses form part of his current assets.

E money source of wealth

Although he currently makes most of his wealth from the proceeds of the businesses listed above, but according to him, he had his breakthrough when he received a call that he had been awarded a $2 million contract.

Since then, he has been a serial entrepreneur investing in real estate, automobile, music, logistics and other undisclosed ones.

E Money’s Family

He is currently married to Mrs. Juliet and has three sons. The couple has been married for over seven years and are still enjoying a happy marriage.

E Money's Family
E Money’s Family

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