Covenant University School Fees: Courses and Departments.

In the Nigeria tertiary education system, the private tertiary schools (universities, polytechnics, and colleges) are often regarded as the most expensive to enrol in and also the best in terms of education, curriculum, structure, and environment. One of such private universities is Covenant University, Otta, Ogun State. 

Covenant University Otta, Ogun State has been ranked by the university webometrics for over a lustrom as the best private tertiary institution as well as the overall best university in Nigeria. She is a private Christian university in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. It is affiliated with Living Faith Church Worldwide (Cannan Land) who is headed by Bishop David Oyedepo, and is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, Association of African Universities , and National Universities Commission. In 2019, Covenant University became the first Nigerian university to be ranked in the top 401-500 category of world universities by Times Higher Education.

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Ranked as the best tertiary institution in the country and one of the best across the African continent, her primary aim is to provide the best education to potential leaders in all spheres of life. In this article, we’ll be looking at covenant university school fees for undergraduates and fresh students. The school fees are a few hundreds over half a million paid per session (every year).

Covenant University School Fees: Undergraduate Courses for Fresh Students.

  • Accounting: ₦857,000
  • Banking and Finance :₦817,000
  • Demography and Social Statistics : ₦817,000
  • Business Administration: ₦817,000
  • Economics: ₦817,000
  • Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management: ₦817,000
  • International Relations: ₦857,000
  • Political Science: ₦857,000
  • English Language: ₦857,000
  • Psychology and Counseling : ₦857,000
  • Sociology: ₦817,000
  • Mass Communication/ Public Relations and Advert: ₦857,000
  • Architecture: ₦857,000
  • Computer Science: ₦857,000
  • Biochemistry: ₦865,000
  • Microbiology: ₦865,000
  • Industrial Physics: ₦865,000
  • Mathematics: ₦865,000
  • Industrial Chemistry: ₦857,000
  • Buildings Technology: ₦857,000
  • MIS: ₦857,000
  • Estate Management: ₦857,000
  • Biology: ₦857,000
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All engineering fresh students pay the highest sum of a whopping ₦882,000. This is because they are more engaged in much more practical activities than other students. Second to the engineering students at the fresh students level, students in the faculty of humanities pay ₦857,000. With all these expensive school fees, Covenant University is bound to give you the best of education in any discipline. Covenant University school fees is definitely worth their educational quality. That’s why it’s ranked the best in the country and one of the best in Africa.

Covenant University School Fees: Postgraduate Level.

  • Accounting (MSc., PhD): ₦750,000;
  • Agricultural Economics (MPhil., MSc., PhD, MPhil/PhD): ₦600,000;
  • Agronomy (MPhil., MSc., PhD, MPhil/PhD): ₦600,000;
  • Animal Science (MPhil., MSc., PhD, MPhil/PhD): ₦600,000;
  • Biochemistry (MPhil., MSc., PhD, MPhil/PhD): ₦600,000;
  • Business Administration (MBA Executive): ₦1,500,000;
  • Business Administration (MPhil., MBA, MSc., MPhil/PhD): ₦750,000;
  • Computer Science (MPhil., MSc., PhD, MPhil/PhD): ₦750,000.
  • Diplomatic Studies (MDS): ₦600,000;
  • English Language (MPhil., MSc., PhD, MPhil/PhD): ₦600,000;
  • English Literature (MPhil., MSc., PhD, MPhil/PhD): ₦600,000;
  • Finance (MSc): ₦650,000;
  • Finance (PGD): ₦600,000;
  • History (MA): ₦600,000;
  • Information Resources (MPhil., MIRM, PhD): ₦600,000;
  • Marketing (MPhil., MSc., PhD, MPhil/PhD): ₦750,000;
  • Mass Communication (MA, PhD): ₦600,000;
  • Microbiology (MPhil., MSc., PhD, MPhil/PhD): ₦600,000;
  • Nursing (MSc.): ₦750,000;
  • Pastoral Ministry: ₦600,000;
  • Political Science (MPhil., MSc., PhD, MPhil/PhD): ₦600,000;
  • Public Health: (MPH., MSc., PhD, MPhil/PhD): ₦750,000;
  • Public Management (MPM): ₦600,000
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Highlighted Qualities about Covenant University.

  • High Education Standard
  • Serene University Campus
  • Organized Activities
  • Fast Academic Calendar
  • Immun from ASUU Strike
  • Quality Academic Facilities for practicals and activities.


With all the information above about Covenant University school fees, it is seen that she is one of the most expensive schools in the country and undoubtedly the best in Nigeria. In fact she could be ranked as an Ivy league school internationally. 



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